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Introducing Mini Mailer

We deliver your open letters to this world

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“A letter makes ordinary things important” — Marilynne Robinson

Hello dear readers. I’m so glad to be found in your way. It feels so good to meet people and connect with them. Without much blabbering, let me get straight to the point.

Introducing you to our new publication, Mini Mailer. Ta-dah!

The fundamental motto of this publication is to express love or gratitude openly towards our loved fictional characters/ books/authors or mundane little things, through a letter.

Do you want to express your love for Jane Austen? Write a letter.

Love Iron man? Write a letter.

Love your till-death-do-us-apart Coffee beans? Write a letter.

Love flying saucers and aliens? Write a letter.

Love colors and kites? Write a letter.

Love me? Write a letter.. ? (Just kidding! Not allowed in this publication, but what are private notes there for? 😛)

Letters and I go a long way. I used to write letters to my friends and parents during my grad school days. Even during the pandemic times, letters put sanity into me. I used to, and I still send the letters of gratitude at the start of year, every year, for the people who made difference in my life that year. I used letters as birthday gifts, pouring my heart out for the person (it is secondary that we both cried buckets after reading the letters). Did you ever observe the receiver’s reaction when they hold the letter, tear the envelope, scan the content and start reading them? No spoilers, but please do observe.

I want to reconnect to our lost art, with larger world, and so, here I am.

I feel letters are so underrated in the world of snaps, reels, and texts — all with instantaneous reactions. Letters are more deliberate, while texting and emails are reactionary. You write letters to give, not to receive. You have something to say, some thoughts to align, and some love and gratitude to pour.

Words wrap the emotions of the writer when put in a letter. You seal the letter with your love when you address it to someone. You send your heart along with the mailer.

Letters strengthen the bond with loved ones. And letters connect strangers in unexpected ways. So, this is the point where I need to say, hello dear stranger, thank you for reading this, fortunately, or unfortunately, you are destined to have crossed my path, and don’t be surprised when you see a private letter popping up from me (OK! I need to have your username or mail ID for that, we shall work that thing out when you join in our publication).

If you love our concept and want to join us, please go through this article to become a writer. Join. Post. Unseal the Unposted.

Until then, have a great time. Hope to see you soon.

Yours truly,



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