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Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Writers

And catch up on Mini Mailer’s latest news

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Hi friends,

What’s going on in your life? I’m all ears to listen to your endless stories. My life is taking me on a roller-coaster currently (Vashni, tell me how to handle this, It’s a bit… scary). Apart from that, I have a few funny stories with me to share: Recently I fed bread crumbs to ants that bit me, under my 3y/o friend’s orders(Mini Hitler he is, I say), and I was chased by a mad pigeon that drove me mad for the rest of the day! Ugh! But seriously, I am still confused with the why’s of the incident.

Now, let’s know what’s happening in our tiny but loved publication, Mini Mailer. With Mini Mailer turning 2 months old, I am dancing my heart out for the way it has shaping up beautifully. And this is all because of you, my friends.

I would love to thank my two wings, Thasanya and Vashni for their relentless support and love for this publication. You are amazing, guys! Lots of love to you both.

And my dear writers, we loved your every letter with every fibre of our beings. They are so unique, full of love and positivity. There is no Mini Mailer without you! Your letters occupy a special place in our hearts, especially in mine (I booked one whole valve of my heart for you guys, FYI. Thasanya we can do that right?).

Let me introduce you to our new friends/co-writers, who joined us last month. Let us know how they enjoy their time reading and writing.

Disclaimer: We are currently introducing our writers(in no particular order) whose stories are published in Mini Mailer. New writers will be introduced tentatively, as their letters take a place on our wall.

Rummy Kaur

In Rummy’s words, “I am a mother of a toddler, wife, software engineer, arts administrator, writer — trying to balance it all but eager to add more to it. I love reading both fiction and nonfiction but I’m not good at making up things so I stick to writing about my life. Letters were how I got introduced to writing as a child so even writing my personal stories feel like writing letters to myself — with reminders of lessons learnt.

Hey Rummy, your stories are something I could always relate to. So happy to meet you. Thanks for being you, and publishing those pieces. Lots of love from Vidya.

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai)

In Manali’s words, “Hi, I’m Manali Desai. A multi-tasker, trying to juggle between all that I love doing, I mostly fail in doing so successfully. On most days, I find myself questioning my time management skills, and end up doing just about half the things on my to-do list. It’s a miracle that I’m able to get through my days, making money and getting appreciation for my work, because I believe I’m a mess, albeit a smart one

You are passionate and are so full of love, Manali. Your stories give you away. Thank you for penning down a few for our publication. I loved every second of them. I wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Amrita Mishra

Amrita Mishra is a Social Media Manager and a content writer.

This is such a unique letter, Amrita. I’m in love with its shape and flow. I cherished it on the day it got published, and I’ll do for A thousand more years. Waiting for your letters on FRIENDS and more. I wish you to reach All the stars and skies.

Divya S

In Divya’s words, “Hello! I am Divya. I write because I love to. To me, writing is a straight taut glittery string from my heart to yours. A connection.

Hey Divya, ‘Dear heart’ is full of feel and love. Thanks for making my heart tingle and my lips crinkle. Eager to read more of your letters.

Anushka Prasad

In Anushka’s words, “At the cusp of my womanhood, two things I learnt from my mother — how to be a woman, and the joy of reading; and so, I read, rejoiced, lost part of myself, then found a derivation, if you may, of me from it. But, oh, don’t mistake me! I am a reader in all senses! And once every while, I read so much, I am driven to write them out; thus, blooms everything you read from me.

Hey Anushka, thanks for your recommendations. You’ll be the first person to know once I finished reading those. Happy to meet you, and your friend Noah. Eager to read more of your letters and to know even more books and characters.

Nayanika Saikia

Nayanika Saikia graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and was also a Dean’s List student. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. At the moment, she is working as a Booktuber, blogger, and reviewer with various national and international publishers.

In her words, “Although a voracious reader, I am slowly finding my writer’s inclinations and it has been an amazing experience so far!

Hey Bibliophile, happy to make your acquaintance. Thanks to your letter, I finally decided to dust off my Gone with the wind and Scarlett books and sail in them. Can’t wait to read your next letter or know more about the characters that inspired you.

Meghana Naranyan

In Meghana’s words, “Hi, I am Meghna, from India. An engineer by profession who finds solace in writing

Hey Meghana, welcome aboard! Pillows are essential to our very existence, after all, what would we be without sleep? Brain-hungry Zombies, that’s what. Seriously though, I’m glad someone took the time to thank them for their heavy-duty line of work. I look forward to reading more of your amazing content.

Lots of love,

Stefan Grieve

Stefan is a British writer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Chairperson of writing group ‘’Wakefield Word.’

Hi Stefan, nice to meet you! I lose a lot of things: my phone, a myriad of books and even arguments- though I usually blame them on my pea-sized brain. That was until I read your letter. We, the editors, loved the humour and positive energy you conveyed through your debut letter. Never change.

Virtually yours,



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