Ode to My New Bookshelf

Nayanika Saikia
Mini Mailer
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2 min readMar 10, 2024


A poem dedicated to my dream bookshelf!

Image by the author

Oh, wondrous creation, crafted with care,
A sanctuary for my books to share.
Standing tall, a testament to love,
A gift from my parents, sent from above.

To Mom and Dad, my eternal guides,
Whose encouragement in reading abides,
Your unwavering support, a beacon bright,
Ignites my passion with pure delight.

Dad, with your hands, you built this frame,
A labor of love, a masterful game.
Each shelf a stage for tales untold,
A haven for stories, both new and old.

With every turn of a page, I’m drawn
Into realms of wonder, from dusk ’til dawn.
Your DIY magic, Dad, brought to life
This treasure trove, free from strife.

In this haven, I’ll build my collection,
Each book a reflection of my affection.
From classics to fantasies, they’ll reside,
In this sanctuary, my heart will confide.

Here’s to the adventures that lie ahead,
To the stories waiting to be read.