Joins Bancor Network™ To Offer MATBNT Token Relay for Continuous Liquidity

Left to right: Vitaly Gumirov ( CEO), Kirill Pyrev (CEO BotGaming), Dmitry Khan ( Advisor), Eyal Hertzog (Product Architect, Bancor), Sefi Golan (CEO Blockchain IL). has joined the Bancor Network™ and will set up a Bancor Protocol™ compliant Token Relay™ with the goal of driving liquidity and creating a safer, more stable conversion mechanism for MAT token holders.

By creating a MAT/BNT Token Relay™, token (MAT) holders will be able to easily convert MAT for ETH, BNT, or any other token in the network. Anyone will be able to utilize this service on the platform or the Bancor app, providing additional mechanisms by which to easily purchase and sell MAT for ETH and BNT. will deposit equal values of MAT and BNT tokens into a new “Smart Token™” called the MATBNT Token Relay™, via the Bancor smart contracts. To learn more about Smart Tokens™, read the Bancor Protocol™ Whitepaper.

The MATBNT token is expected to activate in the weeks following the closing date of the upcoming MAT Token Sale, scheduled for December 19 2017, 00:00 UTC.

Providing liquidity by means of a smart contract is a major advantage for participants — enabling them to convert tokens without counterparty risks associated with centralized models. ( is a global blockchain-powered marketplace of chatbots and a new generation AI chatbot platform. The product makes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies available to a broad market of micro, small and medium enterprises around the world. launched the crowdsale of its MAT tokens ( which allow both chatbot and cryptocurrency communities to become part of this new initiative. A total amount of 20 mln MAT will be generated, with a soft cap of 5 million USD. During the crowdsale, 10 mln MAT will be offered to participants at the price of 0.01 ETH. While the platform is already mature, collected contributions will be primarily targeted at scaling and the development of a rich partner network to fuel the ecosystem.