The Intersection Between Craft and Business

A Fast Paced Craft Economy

A new product needs to be marketed, shouted about and pushed as hard as it’s creators can. It’s the only way it will gain traction in an already overcrowd landscape. But before that you need the product.

The creation of the first publicly accessible version of the product needs to be really thought out. Although gaining traction requires speed, you don’t want to open the flood gates on social media to a product that just isn’t ready.

This is why version 1 needs to be polished. We’re surrounded with companies shouting about speed, agility and first to market. Whilst all of these are completely true, they shouldn’t deter you from making that version 1 as polished as you can. It’s the meat. There’s no point shouting on social media about a gone off steak.

It’s a hands down a trade off between crafting the product and pushing it in a business capacity.

My advice would be to get your strategy right on both sides. Make sure that version 1 contains everything you feel the consumers will need to begin falling in love and also ensure you have the strategy ready to hit as many people as possible with the idea when it’s ready.

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