What Type of Watch Face Are You?

The difference between an analog and digital clock is profound. Not just in aesthetics but in how they are chosen. People will try both but have a clear favourite. They are drawn, naturally to one or the other. As if their own internal clock has a preference.

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A clear differentiation between both styles is their precision. If you glance at an analog watch over a digital one you are hit with the difference in tempo of both.

They are both measuring time at the same rate yet the digital face seems to have a military feel to it. Every second is urgent and you must be alerted to it. To know it past. To know that is is now 14:47 and 27 seconds.

The analog clock on the other hand still holds a method for measuring seconds with it’s second hand. It’s understanded however, I doubt many actually check the exact seconds. By the time you’ve looked at it pensively and measured the seconds, a second has already past.

It’s as if the second hand is there to only let you know, time is still moving.

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Another clear difference is the tempo of both. As with precision, the tempo of a digital watch is face paced. It’s a New York minute. When you glance at it, it’s not your “It’s around seven thirty.” you’ll be greeted with. It’s “19:31, sir!”

The tempo is stating that every minute must and will be accounted for.

Our Line of Work

The more I thought about this, I discovered that we at MiniCorp should have a digital clock on our wall. Not an analog one. We work with young startup companies in extremely fast sprints to help them get their products launched.

We are on the same intensity tempo as Michelin Star restaurants kitchen at 10:32pm on a Saturday night.

The plate must be served and the product must be shipped!

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