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Community Member of the Month: Josua

We’re excited and humbled to have such a fantastic community at Minima. Thanks to every community member running nodes and helping others understand Minima.

This month, we’d like to highlight one in particular who has been extremely helpful on our Discord by providing support and explaining how Minima works to new-joiners: Josua.

Joshua lives in Catalonia (Spain) and has learned about crypto back in 2013 when anyone could still mine BTC with their CPU. However, because one couldn’t do much with it back then, he didn’t pursue it further.

In 2021, Joshua started day-trading, and it went well for quite a while, but then the markets decided to turn more bearish again. He continues trading and hopes to one day make a living of it. He also spends time thinking about things the world might need and figuring out how to realize such ideas. One of them has been that the only way to build a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform would be using mobile phones. When searching for more information, he stumbled across Minima.

Since then, he’s been a great part of our community and even started building a game on Minima using Godot. We’re excited to see his ideas come to reality on Minima. Thank you!

The evolution will not be centralized. And every community member is helping us make that happen.

We will highlight a community member of the month every month to celebrate and thank you for your contributions to our cause.

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