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Minima Community Call #3

Join us on February 24th at 16:00 UTC on Discord

Dear Minimalists,

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our next community call on February 24th at 16:00 UTC on our Discord-Stage.

During the call, we will discuss all things happening at Minima, and broader trends we’re observing in the industry. We’ll also announce our community member of the month! Save the date and join the conversation.

Below you will find a rough agenda for the call, including a few pre-selected topics that we might speak about. Note that this isn’t a fixed item. If you want us to speak about other topics, feel free to suggest them to us in advance of the call using the #stage-questions channel or comment on our post.


  • Warm welcome, round of introductions, and house rules
  • Minima Updates: New APK/Server version and more
  • Community Member of the Month
  • Hacks and Scams in Crypto
  • Interoperability: Multi-chain & Cross-chain
  • Public and private Blockchains
  • Community Questions & other topics as suggested by Minimalists
  • Closing

This call will take place on Discord. If you want to join the conversation, feel free to raise your hand anytime during the call and we will get you on-stage to share your view. Alternatively, you can drop questions in our #stage-questions channel and we will pick them up as we go along.

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you!

Thanks for being part of the Minima Community.

Your Minima Team



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