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Monthly Digest — February 2022

Dear Minimalists,

During February, at Minima, we’ve been focusing on launching new initiatives to grow the network and make it more resilient. This post covers all the crucial things that happened at Minima last month.

Launch of the Invite Program

When we started building Minima, we always knew that the only way to grow the network exponentially would be through network effects. Minima becomes more resilient, secure, and censorship-resistant the more people run nodes.

To further acknowledge those that help us grow the network, we’ve launched our Invite Program enabling existing node runners to earn extra rewards by inviting their friends to join Minima.

Every day that your friends run their node, you will receive extra rewards. You can find all the details on the Program here.

A reminder on Node Resilience

While Minima is conceived to be a resilient network, there are a couple of things that every single Minimalist can do to help us become even more resilient.

Sometimes Nodes can go offline because of Power Outages, Telecoms Outages, or other reasons. Fortunately, we can do a couple of things to ensure that the network isn’t impacted. Most notably, every node runner can configure a Fail-Safe to ensure they don’t miss out on Incentive Rewards and pick their node location carefully. More on that here.

Merch Store

We’ve been asked frequently about merchandise for Minima and are excited to share that we’ve opened our official Minima Merch store. You can find it here.

We will continue adding other designs and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on products you’d like to see.

Launch of the Ambassador Program

In addition to the Invite Program, we’ve also launched our Ambassador program that enables everyone who is active in the Minima community to gain access to exclusive benefits, including (but not limited to) discounts on merchandise, early access to testing of new features, and sessions with the team. Everyone who is part of our Discord Server is automatically enrolled in the program.

The easiest way to get started is by inviting friends to join our Discord community. You can find how to do that and all the different ranks and benefits for ambassadors here.

20,000 Nodes running Minima

We crossed another milestone with now more than 20,00 nodes running the Minima protocol. If you want to check our current node count, head to this page. Thanks to every node runner who is making this possible.

Community Call #3

In the last week of February, we hosted our third community call, covering all things happening at Minima and trends we observed in the broader crypto-industry. Listen to the recording to find out more about our thoughts on a cross-chain vs multi-chain future and how to stay safe when dealing with digital assets.

Thank you for being part of the Minima community.

Your Minima Team.



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