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Rounded Corners in the Apple Ecosystem

The Squircle

Figure 1.0 The third, combined object emphasizes the effect. The visible blue part is what gets “shaved off” to create the smoother, softer corners.
Figure 1.1 The squircle (red shape) begins to round deeper in the straight line than the plain rounded rectangle (blue shape).

The Effect

In The Wild

Figure 2.0 HomePod. Every imaginable lighting condition fails to show a sharp edge.
Figure 2.1 iPad Keyboard
Figure 2.2 A typical rounded rectangle overlaid upon a silhouetted iPad. Notice the ears hanging off (pink) where the rounded rectangle sticks out past the iPad’s squircular shape.
Figure 2.3 Control center, appearance controls, and the Apple News+ subscription pitch. Notice that despite being in violation of Apple’s guidelines for in-app purchases according to App Review, the “Get Started” button does exhibit the squircle.
Figure 2.4 The squircle debuted on iPhone with a newer, gentler app icon shape in iOS 7.



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