4 Principles That Will Help You Master Any Negotiation

The approach of Principled Negotiation

Stefania Simon
Minimalist Brain


Photo by Savvas Stavrinos from Pexels

Many of your daily activities involve negotiation, and sometimes you might do it without even realizing it. Let’s dive deeper into the art of negotiation — metaphorically called a dance between the minds of the participants, learn how to effectively coordinate the choreography, find out what are the most common practices and how you can improve your negotiation skills in order to ensure mutual benefits.

In general, during a negotiation session, everyone seeks to get what they want and protect their position as well as possible. Surprisingly, it involves the emotional side of the brain because there are usually high personal stakes, regardless of what social context it takes place in — parent-child relationship, life partners, or bosses versus subordinates. On top of that, this “dance” implies that the participants have different opinions or positions, and the more emotional you get, the less willing you will be to listen, integrate arguments and focus on a mutually positive outcome.

Principled Negotiation

Just like with any other skill worth exploring, you can learn how to negotiate better by following a clear structure and some useful principles. As an insightful resource, there is a book called…