How Non-violent Communication Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

Why communication and conversation are not the same?

Stefania Simon
Minimalist Brain


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

You are probably familiar with the feeling of speaking without communicating anything, which usually fuels unnecessary conflicts. Find out what nonviolent communication is and how you can use it to have more effective results in your daily interactions.

Almost all of us are born with the ability to speak, but not everyone has the ability to communicate well. While speech involves being able to exchange sounds with each other in an intelligible way and involves neural networks, communication has the power to build relationships.

The Communication Principles

Communication is usually based on two main principles:

  • Being able to keep your unconscious, irrational mind calm in order to stay open-minded, flexible, and focused on the positive aspects
  • Coming up with arguments and fresh perspectives that can help you influence others’ perceptions of certain topics and convince them that your ideas are also worth considering

Understanding that speaking does not necessarily mean being able to communicate with others could significantly reduce conflicts and practicing this skill could make…