Getting started with JavaScript/ES6 (for Node JS)

WTF is ES6?

Well technically it is called ES2015 or ECMAScript 2015, but many docs refer to it as ES6. Practically it just adds a bunch of new features to JavaScript. If you have only been using JavaScript in the browser you are in for a treat.

What do I need to know?

  • Features —Check out this page for a comparison of features in ES6 vs ES5.
  • Learning ES6 — Check out this page for a bunch of examples.
  • Support — 99% of the features are supported as of node v6.10, but for a full list check out this handy table.
  • Babel Transforms — If the version of node that you are using does not support ES6 checkout Babel. Babel is a JavaScript compiler that turns ES6 code into ES5 compatible code. Take a look at syntax transformers (for ES6 features that have an equivalent syntax in older versions) and polyfills (for new functionality) here.

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