Autumn is the Best Time of the Year

Two words: Pumpkin pie.

“silver tabby cat surrounded by leaves” by Nadi Whatisdelirium on Unsplash
“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.” — Samuel Butler

Don’t listen to people who say that the winter holidays are “the best time of the year.” They’re not.

To me, it’s all about autumn. The days are cooler, the kids are back in school, and we can finally have some fun. Technically, autumn doesn’t start until late September in my hemisphere, but most people consider the start of the school year to be the unofficial end of summer.

Need even more convincing that autumn is great? Here’s a handy list.

Pumpkin Everything

“bunch of pumpkins” by Corey Blaz on Unsplash

It’s pretty amazing when one food item can dominate a market. I’ve never been too fond of pumpkin spice coffee, but other people swear by it. Personally, I find that pumpkin bread and cookies are delicious. I’m even willing to try pumpkin oatmeal this year.

Even if you don’t like eating pumpkins, you can put a tiny one on your table or porch and you’re instantly stylish.


On most days of the year, if you decorate your yard with half-buried fake skeletons, people would call the cops. But in October, it’s actually encouraged!

It’s also a great time for kids to be imaginative and dress up in costume, and for parents to eat some candy and drink apple cider. Win-win.


“pastries on white ceramic bowl” by Chloe Benko-Prieur on Unsplash

Autumn has some great food holidays, like Rosh Hashanah and Thanksgiving. Fruits that are great for pies, like apples, are plentiful, and the weather is cooler for baking.

It’s also the time when, due to that milder weather and harvesting, there tend to be fall fairs and food truck festivals. Summer is over, so no need to worry about your “beach bod” anymore. Pass the pie, please.

No gifts

Unlike during the winter holidays, there’s no pressure to buy everyone something, and then keep extra items in your closet for when your second-cousin-twice-removed visits unexpectedly. Just bring a bottle of wine or a food item to most gatherings, and you’re all set.

If it’s someone’s birthday, then don’t ignore them just because of this. But it’s nice to have holiday gatherings that are not just centered on “stuff,” and concentrate on what’s most important: food. Also family and friends, but mainly food.


“tilt shift photography of maple leaves” by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

People actually drive long distances to see the leaves turn in my area. They’re gorgeous shades of red, orange, yellow … oh wait, I have to rake leaves now. Good thing there’s still pumpkin pie.