Minimalism is judgmental

Stop judging me, minimalism…

I have found that minimalism is judgmental.

It convicts me when I think about it and it most likely convicts you when I talk about it.

Here is why that’s a good thing.

Minimalism helps me have clarity in decisions. Minimalism makes me think about each decision with a new perspective. It can be as simple as asking myself, “do I really need that?” “Is there a better way?” “Do I need to answer this email right now or can it be deferred?” “Am I really hungry or am I eating because I am bored?” “Is there really something more important than playing with my kids right now?”

Since I have become a minimalist I have been able to approach things in a different light. I’ve found I have been more productive at work, and as a result, I have had more time to spend with my kids at night. Moreover, I feel better about my work because I am getting things done. I come through the door at night with a sense of accomplishment instead of regret. I can approach my house with my chin up and transition into dad mode much easier. A reciprocated hug is much more welcoming to my kids than embracing my waist while looking at the backside of my iPhone — thumbs typing away while blindly crossing the threshold.

One of the biggest reasons that I am short with my children is because they are interrupting me. They are bothering me. It’s hard to go back and read these words, yet it is true. They bother me — but the activity that’s being challenged is never worthy of a duel, yet I rarely surrender. What is more important than giving my children my attention? Usually, sadly, it’s Facebook or an article I’m reading. It’s Instagram or anything that is grabbing my attention in the presence of my kids. I am still working on this, but minimalism has been a big help. Each time I open an app, I am convicted. I think to myself, is this going to get in between a relationship? Is this going to make my spouse wish I was more present?

Tonight, my wife thanked me for being more present. She said she had noticed I was kinder to our children. This validated the thoughts that I was having. Minimalism is having a tangible effect in my life and on my family.

My head is getting out of the clutter — digitally, physically, and emotionally. This is the number one reason I can suggest giving minimalism a try.

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