Crowdfunding platform launched

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Mission Control
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2 min readMay 1, 2023


We saw that there was a lot of confusion on how and who to ask for funding from the planets. Especially when it came to proposals that were supposed to be split between multiple planets it quickly became a hassle.

On our Crowdfunding Platform, we use some basic questions for new campaigns. These questions should help planets and players to decide if they like the campaign or not.

  • Title: The name of the Campaign
  • TLDR: A short overview
  • Objective: Which problem is getting solved by this idea?
  • Description: A detailed description of the campaign
  • Business Model: How will further funding for the idea work?
  • Duration: How long does it take to complete the idea?
  • Teaminfo: Some details about the team as well as contact information
  • TLM: The amount of TLM requested

Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign can currently be done in Mission Control or on Tool2Earn. It costs 10 TLM to setup a campaign, so please make sure that all information are correct before creating it.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ore. Ore who? Ore you going to answer the door or what?

Once a campaign is created, members of Mission Control can up- or downvote each campaign, to show their opinion. It can be very helpful for custodians to see what the community thinks about it.

Absolutely everyone can contribute Trilium towards the funding goal. This is not limited to the DAOs. If a campaign reaches its funding goal by the end of the funding period, then the creator will receive the Trilium and can start their work. If a goal is not reached, the contributors will get back the Trilium they sent.

It is important to note, that 1% of the Trilium of successfully funded campaigns will be charged as a facilitation fee. If a campaign is unsuccessful, no fee is applied.

We hope to see amazing campaigns and ideas in the future. How do they say around here? We will see each other in the Metaverse. ❤