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2 min readApr 30, 2023


Recently Alien Worlds added a new feature called “Rarity Pools”. This feature split the mining pools for Trilium not only by planet, but also by tool rarity. Since then rarer tools were able to earn a lot more Trilium than before.

Players were eagerly watching the mining pools go up and down on https://aw-metrics.yeomen.ai to switch to the right planet to get the most out of their mine.

However, these statistics are not updating in real-time and can have a delay of up to 40 seconds, which meant that someone might have already mined the Trilium that was in the pool.

With the Mine Maximizer of Mission Control, players can now just select the mine button to include to “Change Land”. This will automatically take them to a Geothermal Springs (the best landtype for Trilium Mining) on the planet with the currently highest pool as part of their mining action.

Mission Control Mine Maximizer

If you want to try out the Mine Maximizer yourself, just head over to https://waxmissioncontrol.io/. Feel free to share your experience in the Mission Control Discord.

Digging for that sweet Trilium