MoC Podcast Episode 1: Men’s Mental Health and Freedom of Mind

I chatted with Kate Mabbet (Man Up Man Down) and Ella Marshall (Freedom of Mind) for the 1st in the MOC podcast series

A few weeks ago I headed to Bristol to attend Freedom of Mind Festival — a festival organised to celebrate mental health.

While there I got to attend lots of really fascinating events, including a discussion on creating spaces for men to talk, organised in collaboration with Man Up Man Down, and organisation created to help men talk about their mental health and break down stigmas.

This is the first (of hopefully many!) podcasts I’ve made to capture some of the stories I hear along my journey.

For this episode I sat down with Kate Mabbet, one of the founders of Man Up Man Down and Ella Marshall, co-founder of Freedom of Mind festival, to talk about breaking down stigmas, dealing with pain and learning to talk about emotions.