Kieth stands between two rows of cadets in uniform, with his back to the camera.

Volunteering for the CCF

Keith Paul has been an adult volunteer for the Combined Cadet Force for ten years. He’s the Officer Commanding of the Army section in the CCF at the Aberdeen school where he teaches by day.

“I used to be a reservist and I love the outdoors. That’s why I do it. But it’s not all shouting, mud, and sleeping outside — though it can be if you it want it to! There’s something for everyone in the cadets. If you’re into history and regiments you can do that and if you want to develop your transferable skills you can do that — they offer a Masters degree in Leadership and Management.“

Keith is ice climbing, breaking the top of a snowy precipice with snowcapped peaks behind him and the sun shining on the lens

“The thing I enjoy most is watching the development of the young people in the Army Section. I teach many of them in the daytime and I’ve seen how they can transform in a different environment. When they’re out of school clothes and in their cadet uniform, they all step up and meet new expectations that they just wouldn’t bother with in everyday life.”

“The cadets make extra-curricular activities accessible to all. School activities often cost the parents a lot in comparison to the activities we offer. We provide the uniform, transport, training, accommodation and meals at camp, and they gain so much from it. Everything we do is an investment in their future, and I’m proud to be part of that.”



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