Homophobic Feminist Criticizes the Male Gays

Jack Gasper
May 16 · 2 min read

POMONA UNIVERSITY, CA — Last evening in the McKenzie Hall of Queer Studies, feminist activist Laura Mulvey presented a lecture titled, “The Grabbed Pussy: Female Existence in the American Patriarchy.”

Given the event’s title, I’d anticipated watching a modern woman speak truth to power in a way that made me feel energized and part of the solution. But, boy was I wrong!

While Mulvey’s speech started strong with her reeling off a series of arguments for male castration and how woman should confiscate all testicles at birth and own the means of production, things took an unsuspecting turn when Mulvey shifted to criticizing male homosexuals. I mean, I understand men are a problem in this country, but not if you’re gay!

I’ve quoted a portion of her lecture below:

“Toxic masculinity is a ubiquitous pestilence that no man can escape,” said Mulvey. “It’s infused in every part of our culture from fashion to film. At the root of all this oppression is the male gays.”

Mulvey then continued on ad nauseum about how we need to rid our culture of the male gays and when the male gays view women, it depicts them as lesser than.

I was astonished that she’d refer to a gay male as “it”! What century is this? Furthermore, no one in the audience seemed the least perturbed.

She then argued about how the female gays are dominated and controlled by the male gays and how women can only view themselves through the the male gays. It was at this point that I then said to myself, ‘This broad’s gone tits up! I’m out of here.”

I don’t know this Mulvey woman’s story, but her homophobia is not welcome here in California! I can’t believe that a liberal institution like Pomona would inviter her to speak, and in the McKenzie Hall of Queer Studies no less!

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A Little Satire for Your Head?

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Ministry of Information

A Little Satire for Your Head?

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