Dribbble Singapore: After The Meetup

The February Dribbble Meetup in Singapore, where we kickoff the year with a group of overwhelming designers, was awesome. Thank you to everyone who joined us and stayed throughout the night! 👏

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, and we had just celebrated Chinese New Year earlier the month. Keeping up with the celebratory spirit and hopes for the new year, we have Aditi Kulkarni, Head of Design & UX at ReferralCandy who shared about Product Design for Rapid Growth. Read more about the product design strategies that played a key role in their growth to more than 3 million users at Postman. Slides can be found here.

Aditi Kulkarni speaking about using Product Design for Growth

Our dear sponsors Hired & AlphaCamp have kindly provided us with swag and goodie bags, which were swept up by our participants. If you have joined us for the meetup, you can get a $200 voucher discount for AlphaCamp’s Learn as You Build, part-time, 4 weeks, iOS app development class. Find out more here.

We also kicked off this year’s Dribbble meetup with our first Analog Playoff in Singapore!

Analog Playoff is a pencil-on-paper contest in which organisers provide a theme and attendees create analog shots (AKA sketches, drawings, artisanal hand-to-paper creations).

For our Analog playoff challenge, participants had to submit entries associated with the theme ‘Early Morning’.

The entries with the most votes walked away with a Dribbble All-Star badge and swag!

Designers with their top voted designs

With this, we concluded the night with a hearty group photo. 🙌

I sincerely hope everyone had a fun evening, learning from one another or just getting to meet more designers. More photos can be found on the Facebook Group.

The crowd that stayed throughout the night

If you or your company would like to co-host, sponsor future Dribbble meetups, do get in touch with us!

Some of the attendees of the night

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