Arriving at Rocky Hill Ranch just in time for the sunset.

Rocky Hill Ranch is a 45 minute drive east of Austin and the perfect post-work Friday escape to take advantage of a mild February weekend.

For this trip, we tested the latest addition to our van-build: four-inch foam mattresses.

Verdict: game changer.

To complete our bed build, we bought two Milliard tri-fold, foam mattress that fit snuggly between the wheel-wells for a plush bed that easily folds up for storage. We were initially hesitant about the price ($140 for two), but we couldn’t have matched the quality and convenience if we took a DIY approach.

Here is the link to the Amazon listing.

I’m a penny pinching do-it-yourselfer. But the Milliard was a smart exception. We don’t believe there is a cheaper option that delivers the same quality and convenience.

Aside from some coyotes yipping during the night, we slept like a rock. Morning greeted us with a light breeze and low clouds that soon gave way to blue skies and perfect riding conditions.

Privately owned Rocky Hill Ranch welcomes mountain bikers for day-use, camping, and events throughout the year. There is a $10 day-use fee and $15 per tent per night at designated tent sights about half a mile up a dirt road. Sites include fire pits and picnic tables while outdoor showers near the day-use parking are a welcome amenity after riding the trails.

I cranked out a couple hours of mountain biking while Clare did a birding walk. Rocky Hill Ranch has 25 miles of some of the best single-track near Austin. Fast, flowy, and technical trails perfectly suited for single-speed riding and the shady pine and white oak forest are a nice contrast to scrubby hill country cedars. Check out the trails on MTB Project.

Clare documenting her bird sightings.

Questions about the van build or camping around Austin? Drop a comment below.

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