Anne Frank’s Legacy Distorted the Holocaust

Ensuring the reckoning, in works like “The Nazi Drawings,” would be as shocking as it was overdue

One of the last known photographs of Anne Frank (detail), from a passport photo shoot in May 1942. Collection of the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam. (Source: Wikipedia Commons)
Left: Anne Frank in an image from a May 1942 passport shoot (Collection of the Anne Frank House, public domain). Right: Actress Millie Perkins portraying Frank onscreen in “The Diary of Anne Frank,” 1959. (Detail of publicity still. Public domain. Source: Wikipedia Commons.)
Mauricio Lasansky, Triptych, 1963–71, “The Nazi Drawings,” Levitt Foundation © Lasansky Corporation
View of the exhibition “Envisioning Evil: ‘The Nazi Drawings’ by Mauricio Lasansky,” now showing in galleries 262, 275, and 276 at Mia through June 26.



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