Instagram Workshop in Milan: facts, numbers and new directions.

I already knew IG well enough, but I wanted to follow a morning seminar at the Facebook office in Milan, to get info directly at the source and find some ‘insight’ on the new functions coming and on the directions will take the app.

Projection room inside the headquarters of Facebook Italy in Milan, packed with Art Directors

The “Instagram for Creatives” workshop, organized by ADCI, took place at the Facebook Italia office in Piazza Missori 2 in Milan.
The seminar aimed to give an insight into the potential of Instagram, to a range of users who could use it for work, providing various useful data to understand IG as a means.

Of course, it was also a self promotion by Facebook Italy, but the Art directors and the media-men will cynically count their accounts before allocating a massive budget on IG, editor’s note.

Instagram is a powerful means of self-expression and sharing of images and moments, and it is the trend of the moment.

As the slide says, Instagram is used to see beautiful things that we like.
As you may have noticed, there is no room for the bar controversy and the hating that condemned Facebook for a few years.

The sports bar will also come on IG? When it becomes truly mainstream, perhaps, but the development team seems intent on avoiding it.

The Instagram seminar in pills

Following part of the screens from the workshop. Not all, the most disclosable part at least. ;-)

In one of the first slides of the keynote the structure of the presence of a customer on IG is clarified. We can have, to date:
- Organic brand content
- Organic content of users
- The Stories
- And sponsored content

The Stories

According to recent and growing data (early 2018), around 400 million users use the Stories every day, all over the world.
The Stories are one of the most successful features among those introduced, these are compositions of images and videos in evidence but with a duration of 24h.
After this timing they disappear, and thanks to this caducity they are often used for hilarious and informal extra contents for followers.

From some time, the Stories can be sponsored

Instagram Facts:

Compose your message thinking about the square format, but also vertical, the subjects easy to see on a smartphone. No double pages adapted!
NOTE: 80% of people scroll the IG feed with the audio turned off. Think about content that is independent from audio.
NOTE / 2: (no photo). Most of people look at the Stories with the audio on! Know this.

Some trend

Looping, Stop Motion and Video. Trends may change every year.

Things to do and don’t in IG

The Decalogue has 5 points…

SOURCE: The seminar was curated by Cristina Baccelli, creative strategist of Instagram Italy with a past in advertising.
(IG @doodoobedoo)


Instagram, seen as a social network, has absolutely explosive numbers: there is talk of at least 30% of organic visibility on their followers (organic = free), while Facebook is now under 10%, publishing from a company profile.

However, the medium seems particularly suited to certain areas, such as food, sports and all those physical products that can be easily viewed on a smartphone.

Outside these categories you can be present with institutional material or short spots, but the effectiveness will be much lower and the algorithm — if similar to that of FB — will penalize the “ugly to see” content.

Wanting to find a possible risk, I think that Instagram, pushes towards the customer’s do-it-yourself and then towards the disintermediation of the advertising industry. In a futuristic (?) Scenario where the customer spends the budget directly with the platform and there is no place for media-centers and creative agencies.

So Instagram is the current trend among the “visual” media and possible multiplier of the popularity and success of the visual brands, but possible risk for an agency with a traditional client used to spending budget in print campaigns and billboards.

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