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What’s wrong with Medium … ?

There was recent discussion on Google Plus about Medium’s apparent re-positioning.

Part of that discussion was focused on what’s wrong with Medium.

I said that its dopey, parochially American focus was its biggest handicap.

I got hammered for saying so.

But I persist: the world is pretty sick and tired of hearing every brainfart a notionally educated American liberal middle class offers up while ignoring the fact they allowed their country to fall into the hands of crazy people with the potential to kill us all.

I don’t give a fuck about any liberal angst well-heeled professionals or indolent teens can put into fashionably ridiculous words. Trigger warnings? Fuck you! Try being bombed by US drones and shot by US troops!

I don’t care about American obsessions at all, where they cannot kill me, because most of the shit Americans talk about is completely irrelevant in the world I live in. A world full of American combat boots, drone attacks, surveillance, and amoral profiteering that immiserates and kills people.

Most of the Americans who post on Medium are just neurotic idiots looking for validation. Or pussy. Or the androgynous equivalent. Not one in 1000 has anything remotely interesting to say about themselves, the USA, or the world. It’s all just mountebank charlatanry. That’s the end result of fifty years of unbridled narcissism and entitled arrogance.

You really wanna improve Medium? Try to recapture the spirit of the Enlightenment that drove the Englishmen who are referred to as the US’s ‘founding fathers’.

Try to recapture the ethos of the Fourth Estate as it was born in England and France in the 18th century, if you can still recognise it through your ‘greatest country in the world’ spectacles, so smeared with excrement it’s difficult to understand how you can see at all.

Get your shit together and refocus on what actually matters to people rather than cardboard cutout consumer dullards. Gadgets mean nothing to anyone who is actually human.

Campaign to kick out ALL Republicans at EVERY election from now until they’re gone. And then start on the Democrats who let this happen. Only then will you have earned the right to ask for the world’s forgiveness for so thoroughly abusing your privilege and your arrogant presumption to know better.

But of course you won’t. Half of you are too dumb to know what you’ve done, and the other half too arrogant to recognise how close you’ve brought Western civilization to collapse.

You wanna fix Medium? Stop perpetuating your own selfish preoccupations as if they were real issues or problems in the world. Get your heads out of your arses and start to act like human beings, with decency and integrity. If you still can.




Shouting into the abyss, or just muttering into the breeze about unfashionable preoccupations.

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