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How to claim FISO rewards

You can start claiming MINt tokens starting from December 13th and MIN tokens starting from January 10th 2022. This tutorial is to help you get familiar with the process.

  1. Go to https://fiso.minswap.org/my-rewards. Enter your stake address or payment address to check your rewards.

2. Click the button Claim now.

3. Use the wallet that you staked to FISO to send exactly 2 ADA to the above address and the rewards along with 1.5 ADA will be sent back to your wallet within 2 minutes (except when the network gets congested).

4. After the rewards have been sent, the rewards page will show the Cardanoscan link. Note that it might take a few minutes for the transaction to appear on Cardanoscan.

Note for claiming MIN:

  • While MINt can be claimed all at once, the MIN token will be released linearly on an additional 45 day vesting period, after 45 days of linear vesting, you can withdraw 100% of your MIN.

For Nami users: If you use a different wallet to stake and use Nami to claim, then the tokens might not appear on Nami wallet because we will send the token back to the original address that you used to stake but Nami only display funds from a single address. For clarity, you can check on Cardanoscan or other wallets that support multiple addresses.

Policy ID: 29d222ce763455e3d7a09a665ce554f00ac89d2e99a1a83d267170c6

Asset Name: MINt, MIN



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