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3 min readJan 26, 2022


The testnet is now live at! We look forward to receiving your feedback and integrating your suggestions!

As we promised in our earlier article, we want to update you on the details of how to qualify for rewards from the testnet. But, we would like to point out that the testnet will last a few weeks, so there is plenty of time for you to use it and provide feedback on the Google Form. The form will be closed in 2 weeks, and we will inform you well in advance of its closing. While the testnet will last more than 2 weeks, in order to qualify for the rewards you need to complete the form and follow the necessary steps before the 2 weeks. Please do not rush, tokens won’t be received earlier for completing the form sooner!

We have had to take measures to prevent bots and spamming. The steps thus to qualify for rewards will be the following:

  1. To qualify for rewards for using the testnet, you need to be a member of the Minswap Discord. You can join now if you aren’t part of it yet. To prevent spamming, we have turned the security of our Discord to “highest”, meaning you can only access it if you have been phone verified by Discord. You can read more here about Discord phone verification:
  2. You need to use the testnet, please take your time, and provide feedback in the following form: It will not be possible to edit the form once it has been submitted and each participant will be able to fill it only once! So please take time to use the testnet and fill the form afterwards.
  3. Once you have followed these steps, you need to post your Discord user ID in the Discord channel #claim-testnet-rewards. The user ID is a string of numbers such as “827830887747944479”. Please find your own user ID in Discord, you can read here to to find your user ID:

Rewards will be calculated according to the feedback given following these metrics:

  • A: incredibly insightful: feedback that makes us redesign, re-evaluate, delete or add a new feature, mention of a previously unknown bug, original ideas or detailed descriptions of how the UI/UX felt, and even suggestions on how Minswap could improve as a whole moving forward (in marketing, growth, engineering or design). These users will receive a 5x bonus on their second testnet MINt rewards.
  • B: very insightful: mention of a previously known bug or issue or statements that are too concise or inconsequential. These users will receive a 2x bonus on their rewards.
  • C: insightful: anyone that responds to the quantitative questions exclusively. These participants will receive normal rewards.

The duration of the testnet is not set in stone, but there will be 2 weeks to fill the form. We want to provide community members ample time to report detailed feedback while we work on fixing bugs and integrating suggestions. Each user will only be able to complete one form so please bear that in mind before sending it.

As we mentioned, to make this initiative more inclusive and open towards those whose first native language is not English, we will review feedback in Chinese and Spanish as well. Those respective forms for Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking community members will be published in the following days on the respective Twitter accounts for Minswap Chinese and Minswap Spanish.

(P.S. if you want to live the experience of using the DEX to the fullest, we recommend you activate the audio from the slippage settings. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!😉)



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