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Minswap September Update

September was a busy month for Cardano with Alonzo testnet hard-fork on the 1st, mainnet hard-fork on the 12th and the Cardano Summit on 25th. It was also a busy month for Minswap as well with lots of big events and technical progress being made.

We launched the first Dapp on Cardano public testnet (and the only one up until now). Over 2 days, our testnet saw surging interest from the community, with 20 thousand users, 160 thousand visits, 27 thousand transactions and more than 700 feedbacks. The level of interest towards our Dapp is beyond all expectations and we would like to express our gratitude towards all users who have ventured through the rocky days of an early Dapp and given us invaluable feedback.

After a heated discussion of concurrency solutions, we have also contributed Laminar — our own solution. Publishing our solution early has given us a lot of good feedback. Over the past few weeks, we have done some simulation and radical updates to Laminar to make it better fit the block and mempool size, as well as more resistance to front-running/MEV.

We deployed the off-chain sequencer to the public testnet, and have successfully chained multiple transactions in one block. We will do more load testing to see the limit of the sequencer, as well as testing with concurrent accesses of multiple users.

We launched our governance forum. Comparing to Discord, this is a more serious place to propose and discuss ideas and improvements of Minswap. We are looking forward to more innovative proposals from our community of DeFi builders and users!

Last but not least, let’s not forget about FISO! We have deployed the rewards tracker. This helps any FISO participant to check their accumulated MIN and MINt tokens. With the upcoming 11th epoch, the smallest pool bonus of 25% is kicking in soon!



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