Mintbase Launches AffiliateDirect, Where Anyone Can Sell Anything on NEAR

Nate Geier
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3 min readJan 23, 2023



  • Be your own market. Send an #AffiliateDirect link to any Mintbase listed NFT and get a 1.25% market fee whenever someone purchases with your link. 🤯
  • The Mintbase dev stack makes it stupidly easy to build better markets, empowering more actors to get involved in selling NFTs on NEAR.
  • You do not need to have minted or listed items to sell, use our fully automated indexer to reach any NFT minted on NEAR
  • Put it in action and join The Great AffilitateDirect Race

⚖️ NFT Marketplaces Everywhere

We have a simple vision for the future of commerce. Instead of giant marketplaces like Amazon or OpenSea monopolizing markets, we see hundreds of thousands of unique markets will be created by folks like you tailored to specific clientele wants and needs. Each of these markets will span all sorts of different mediums: Traditional websites, games, metaverses, brick-and-mortar, blogs, and influencers' social accounts, to name a few. Mintbase’s mission is to make it stupidly easy to build or be an NFT marketplace.

Creating an AffiliateDirect Link

  • Login to Mintbase and land on any listed NFT page: Here is a cheap one to try
  • Click on “Create AffiliateDirect Link” below the image
  • Send to a friend, or buy with another account to try it out
  • When bought, the NFT goes to the buyer, and you get 1.25% of our market fee without ever minting or developing anything 🤯
  • As a bonus: see your account pop up on the Affiliate Leaderboard (we are running a contest for the next month that you automatically get entered as soon as you sell an NFT with an AffiliateDirect link)

You can also craft your own by just changing the end affiliateAccount

Build Better Markets

Mintbase forkable market to sell Paras, Mr. Brown or any NFTs on NEAR

What you don’t need

  • No need to hire an expensive Rust developer to build smart contracts
  • No need for expensive contract audits (can be +$70k)
  • No need to run an expensive + complex indexer (the hardest part of blockchain dapp development)

What helps

All you really need is to trigger buy from contract

Arguments: {
"nft_contract_id": "nearnautnft.near",
"token_id": "token-naut-16423923304440",
"referrer_id": "nate.near"

Join The Great AffiliateDirect Race that ends at ETHDenver

See more details here

Have Dev Questions?

Join on Thursdays for office hours, see us at ETHDenver, or ask in our dev telegram channel

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Author: Nate Geier | Cofounder | Twitter