MintbaseDAO is the new Createbase.

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3 min readDec 9, 2021


Createbase is being rebranded to MintbaseDAO.

The present article will explain why this is happening and will offer an overview of the transformation in this Guild associated with Mintbase.

Why are we rebranding? Createbase did not communicate in a very understandable way that it is — in fact — the DAO that supports projects that want to build on Mintbase Protocol. This needs to change.

Let’s start with some historical context:

The first transaction on Mintbase happened on 12.08.2019 — on Ethereum. The first use-case was ticketing for MetaCartel at Berlin Blockchain week. In August 2020 Mintbase was transforming and re-writing the code on NEAR — after it had gone live in April 2020. Aiming to pursue utility NFTs, Mintbase is a clear pioneer in NFT toolkits on NEAR.

Near always had the intent to be a collective, a foundation, and a blockchain. It does make sense that NEAR was interested in the creation of a guild associated with Mintbase. That was when Createbase was born, in November 2020, when Mintbase was not even live on mainnet yet.

Being a Guild, a community, associated with a product that was not yet live shaped the activity of the Createbase guild in the beginning. The focus in that initial state was on providing educative content for people about possibilities to build projects on NEAR and Mintbase. The natural insecurity associated with building on a new blockchain, with a small number of users, brought the necessity forward to focus on basic information as to how to buy near, what are the possibilities building on near, etc.

There was also a Notionboard started to gather information about projects that would be interested in building on Mintbase once it went live.

So in this first moment, Createbase was providing information about Near and Mintbase and helping people to think of projects that would make sense to launch, once Mintbase went live. In these early stages of Createbase and Mintbase, the model adopted was a B2C model, business to customer.

By May 2021, Mintbase went live — creating its Store-Factory — the code that permits the creation of smart contracts in 3 clicks on

With the product — — live on NEAR, Createbase went through its first decisive transformation — it started to focus on onboarding the community of creatives (most of them artists, writers, musicians) to Mintbase and NEAR. Focusing on Art NFT’s was never the initial vision of Mintbase — utility was always what it was all about. But with Art NFT’s suddenly booming, having been ignored since 2018 and now being in common knowledge, this was just a natural consequence.

Createbase actually was one of the first guilds on Near. The Open Web Community Conference and the Hackathon took place between May and June 2021 and were heavily supported by Createbase.

As Createbase was doing a lot of educational work and onboarding to near at that moment — limiting its attention to the people who wanted to get involved with Mintbase — the creation of Creatives DAO came as a consequence after the mentioned events. CreativesDAO (until the present day) supports mintbaseDAO (former createbase) and all the other creative communities on NEAR.

The Createbase identity as we knew it until now was created in this phase, the onboarding of creatives. Therefore, it took its own way, giving the impression to the public of being not a part of Mintbase — but a guild standing on its own. This was never the case — but with the different visual identity and the focus on arts — instead of utility — the public must have felt confused.

Noticing this the council of Createbase agreed on rebranding to MintbaseDAO — and together with that Createbase is moving from sputnikDAOv1 to v2 — AstroDAO as MintbaseDAO!

This third moment of Mintebases’ guild is defined by wanting the public to understand that MintbaseDAO is the community of Mintbase — offering funds to projects that want to build on the Mintbase protocol — empowering people to explore the potential of utility NFTs! The B2C (business to customer) model is officially switching to a B2B (business to business) model, focusing on collectives, cooperatives, DAOs and physical businesses that want to migrate to Blockchain and incorporate their NFT marketplace on their homepage, in their videogame, in their streaming plaform or wherever they feel like using the Mintbase toolkit.



Maria Neu

Partnerships Manager @ Mintbase / MintbaseDAO facilitator