Store Of The Week: O Benefício

Regina Nogueira
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3 min readMar 17, 2022


Benefício lives by the motto: “No one knows what it is, but it’s going to be amazing!”. As a matter of fact, it isn’t easy to understand what Benefício is doing by looking solely at their website. Are they a marketing agency? A manufacturer? A business incubator? All of this but none, we dare to say.

Benefício champions a co-creation model, bringing to market added-value products they source from small producers and repackage through their design and communications skills. They stand for limited production, launching lines of products of 100 units only.

Everything they sell is locally sourced and the result of artisanal and sustainable manufacturing methods. They hope to become an engine of local economic development, providing fair remuneration to creators and producers alike.

For them, the use of NFTs is a step towards the ambition of adding a unique dimension to their products, making them collectable and verifiably scarce, envisioning their potential value will increase over time.

The first product they dropped on Mintbase was their Hemp Flower Gin. When you acquire the Benefício NFT you are entitled to a unique physical piece, a Hemp Flower Gin, where your NFT Wallet Adress will be laser engraved.

“Exploring different raw materials with positive environmental impact is part of our ethos and hemp fulfils all these promises, not only because of its versatility but also because of the low environmental impact of its production”, explains Paulo Fernandes, co-founder of the brand.

Benefício's entry into blockchain and this new dimension of e-commerce is done in creative partnership with radio broadcaster and sonic experimentation musician Tiago Castro aka Acid Acid and Nuno Gervásio, screenwriter and digital creative, through a visual-digital-piece created especially for this NFT.

Paulo Fernandes, Ricardo Nunes & Nuno Gervásio

The piece is divided into 100 tokens, each containing 7 seconds of music and a video of the laser engraving the NFT wallet address in a physical bottle.

Ricardo Nunes, also a co-founder, reveals that: “Entering the new virtual economy is strategic for Benefício, but sustainability is a strong value for our brand. We decided to move forward only after we found a solution that allowed us to ensure a fair environmental impact for our NFTs”.

Enters Mintbase. They chose to sell their NFTs in our marketplace because our tools enable them to easily mint tokens and ensure they didn’t hurt the environment in the process, given NEAR’s carbon-neutrality.