What’s new on Mintbase: March 2023

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2 min readMar 31, 2023



  • Interop & Widgets
  • Affiliate Direct
  • Grant Updates
  • Tech Updates

Interop & Widgets

Interoperability is here. Without ever talking to us, XPNetwork bridged a BSC NFT to NEAR and listed it for sale on Mintbase.

We want to see NFT markets everywhere. We created widgets to easily integrate any NFT markets on NEAR Social and other apps, try it out here.

Widget overview on NEAR Social

Affiliate Direct

The only AffiliateDirect on-chain program that we know of, explained in 3 minutes. Sell any NFT on NEAR by building markets in metaverses, wallets, or pro-trading DEX’s and earn 1.25% of the market fee.

Grant Updates

Our fellow builders shipped a ton of updates. We keep the community updated on this megathread. Together with NEAR, we are planning a Demo Day mid-May where our projects have the opportunity to showcase their work.

Gorilla Shops officially launched Automat, a super easy-to-use batchminting tool that can be tested here.

Metronomo launched their user growth tool and started hosting a series of workshops. The github can be found here.

We also welcomed Namesky into our builders group, the testnet version can be accessed here.

Tech Updates

A lot has changed on mintbase.xyz. Besides improving the UI, we focussed a lot on store and ecosystem-wide statistics. As we are indexing all NEP-171 contracts on Mintbase, more NFT collections have been listed for sale. A great overview of the NEAR NFT ecosystem is our stats page.

We made filtering through the market easier. We also added a bunch of new categories, like the DAO one. Try it out for yourself!

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