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Why We Are a Safer, Simpler Way for Brands To Enter the NFT Space

Believe us, we’ve heard it all: “NFTs are scams, money laundering rackets, or Ponzi schemes.” Or “The ecosystem is unsafe, full of counterfeits and bad actors.”

And you know what? It is absolutely true. There are dark corners of the digital landscape where shady things go down, whether on Web2 or Web3 platforms. There is also plenty of disappointing and even illegal activity on open, less regulated marketplaces.

Mint, on the other hand, is built on a platform of security, safety, and trust by providing a seamless tech solution that does not require owning cryptocurrency for NFT purchases. We also give leading global brands and companies, sports leagues and teams, art galleries, public institutions, and creators a fully-branded, white-label ecosystem to plan, monetize and distribute NFTs, and manage their token experiences.

The Token

In addition to building on eco-friendly blockchains, Mint provides marketers and merchants with all the tools to create an immersive and inclusive NFT experience for their collectors as they interact with drops, buy and sell in the marketplace, and deepen their relationship with your brand. But the token is really the way in. The ownership and authentication that blockchain-based tokens can establish is incredibly powerful. They can also be incredibly beautiful.

Whether brand IP or working in collaboration with artists, the media assets are the visual representation of the tokens. MINT supports all formats: art, videos, images, animations, audio clips and songs, athlete highlights or trading cards, 3D models, and more. There are no creative limitations when it comes to engaging your community with digital collectibles and access tokens.

The Ecosystem

The Mint NFT ecosystem is made up of four distinct, but connected products. We also continue to enhance and add features to each of these different tools.

  • The Mint App: Uploading your assets to our platform ensures they are properly registered as NFTs on the blockchain. Strategizing the different tiers, types, and timing for drops is important, so our platform is flexible for a wide range of options and ideas.
  • The Storefront: This is where brands sell NFTs directly to the consumer just like any other ecommerce website. We partner with Shopify to provide a familiar, white-label interface where consumers make their purchases with a credit card or cryptocurrency. The best part? Buyers do not need to have a wallet prior to the sale.
  • The NFT Viewer/Wallet: The centerpiece of the Mint ecosystem. Once the collectors click on the link in their confirmation email, they are invited to view and claim their NFT in the NFT viewer. There are no complicated keys or confusing log-ins, they simply access their NFTs via a new wallet created with their email and a 1-time password. The NFT viewer acts as a skin on top of a wallet to continue the branded experience after primary sale. It is within this viewer where all utility and experiences will come to life, but more on that shortly.
  • The Marketplace: Brands no longer need to rely on third party apps, and can create safer marketplaces AND collect royalties on every secondary sale. With peer-to-peer trading, existing owners can sell their NFTs while collectors who missed out on the primary sale get a second chance.
For your consideration: a future Mint NFT Viewer

The Utility

NFT holders can unlock access to a verifiable, authenticated community via the blockchain, a digital club where they can engage, experience, and interact with each other and the brand. We’re just scratching the surface of the token-enabled experiences, but participation and the idea of ownership are big parts of web3 expectations and opportunities. Here are just a few of the experiences unlocked by NFT utility.

  • Voting and participation in polls: Mint will enable collectors to take part in certain decisions relating to the brand. All votes are recorded and validated by the blockchain.
  • Access to community chat (via Discord): It is increasingly important for marketers and project owners to set up a server and enable all interested collectors and holders to ask questions about the drop, converse with fellow holders, and stay informed about the latest news around the project.
  • Livestream with brand ambassadors: Virtual meet-and-greets, chats, broadcasts, performances, presentations, and education/lessons that are 1-way, 1-to-1, or many-to-many.
  • Gated commerce: Within the NFT viewer, brands can offer exclusive merchandise, discounts, or codes or links to buy or redeem items for sale.
  • Collecting Challenges: One of the more popular and successful strategies for brands — challenges and rewards can be defined according to windows of time and conditional requirements (multiple NFTs, serial numbers, sets, etc). NFT holders can easily see in the NFT viewer if they won a challenge, are eligible for a reward, or what requirements are necessary to earn a prize listed on your website.
  • Tickets/Access to offline events: NFTs can be used to generate QR codes within the app, serving as the entrance ticket to private and exclusive events.

The requirements for a successful NFT campaign, whether short-term or long-term, are becoming increasingly clear: strong IP, quality planning, desirable tokens and calls-to-action, an engaging strategy for utility and value exchange, and diligent management of the entire NFT experience in one ecosystem. Bring them all together and you’re on your way to an incredible brand-building and community-focused NFT experience.




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