“Seen and Heard” at Marketing and Web3 Events: Fall 2022 Edition

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3 min readNov 6, 2022


What Some of the Best and Brightest Minds in the Industry Shared from the Stage (& in the Hallways)

After an incredible fall season of conference and networking events — from Advertising Week in New York, The ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, NFT.London in (you guessed it) London, and WebSummit in Lisbon — we share some of the highlights and takeaway quotes.

  • The pathway from affinity (collectibles) to loyalty (CRM) to identity (first-party data) is going to take time, but the vision is clarifying right before our eyes. NFTs and tokenization provide a more efficient, effective set of tools for brands to take back (some) ownership of their content, data, and relationship with consumers.
  • The convergence of creativity, technology, and marketing with Web3 tools and strategies first requires establishing consistency in language. This will serve as a foundation for education, acclimation, and activation to get marketing and brand leaders past some of the initial noise, distractions, and outdated mindsets.
  • There is a general paucity of marketing expertise at Web3 events… and a dearth of Web3 expertise at marketing events. This needs to change in 2023.
  • A common theme at the more marketing-focused events (ie: ANAs Masters of Marketing) was the need to focus on brand because it ultimately drives stronger results over time. But taking it one step further, ownership (and validation of ownership) on the blockchain gives us the best platform yet for brands to create authenticity, credibility, and fidelity.
Cheryl Guerin, EVP Global Brand Strategy and Innovation at Mastercard
Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty
Mary Kate Callen, Vice President, Insights & Cultural Intelligence, Paramount
Pernilla Winberg Babtist, SVP Global Consumer Marketing, Mastercard
James Cullen, VP, Global Brand Marketing, Paramount+
Jane Wakely — Chief Consumer & Marketing Officer, PepsiCo
Marc Pritchard — Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble
Robin Wheeler, US Twitter Client Solutions
Sharon Otterman — Chief Marketing Officer, Caesars Entertainment
Raja Rajamannar — Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard
Soyoung Kang — Chief Marketing Officer, eos
Erin Wolfe, Co-Founder, Curve Club + Founder, Noodz NFT
Julian Rodriguez — Momento NFT, Founder & CEO
Ivan Tan, Co-Founder & CEO of Sgnal
Michael Litman, Senior Director, Web3 & NFT @ Media.Monks
Matt Wurst — CMO, Co-Founder, Mint Blockchain



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