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The NFT Strategic Playbook: Introduction and Overview

The Best NFT Campaigns Have a Plan and Strategy. That’s Why We Came Up With a Playbook for Any Company Looking To Leverage NFTs.

The marketers who plan better, do better. NFTs are no exception. The NFT market surpassed $37 billion in 2022. And while 2022 has faced struggling markets, increased inflation, and high interest rates, we’re confident that the use cases for NFTs are only getting stronger.

We’ve explored the impact NFTs have on brands and consumers; that NFTs can form a unique “digital identity” for consumers with which brands can connect and build new communities. The creation of NFT wallets has exploded since 2021, and so have the ways people interact with NFTs.

Once you’ve decided to leverage NFTs, you need to know where to begin. That’s where our NFT Marketing Playbook comes in. We work with NFT DNA daily at Mint, building bespoke storefront ecommerce platforms, wallets, and marketplaces for brands interested in upping their blockchain game. Our NFT Srategist’s Playbook is an in-depth guide for brands to successfully plan and execute NFT strategy.

Wondering what’s in the guide? Read our summary below of what you can expect to find, and then claim your exclusive, limited Mint NFT to get on our VIP list. Mint NFT tokenholders will be sent a pre-release/advance guide for free before it is published on our website later this month. Get started planning for your first (or next) NFT drop.

What Is the NFT Marketing Playbook?

The Playbook is an intensive guide detailing how to build and execute an NFT drop strategy. It includes all the steps necessary to construct, market, distribute, and engage communities with NFTs from conception to completion. In short: It’s your How To NFT in one document — made (or minted?) by the Mint team.

We pack everything you need to plan your drop in one place by breaking the process down into different sections and categories. This way, you can systematically check off items in your list (and yes, there is an actual pre-launch checklist included as well).

Here are the three categories the guide is broken into and what’s included in each.


Before diving into designing or building our NFTs, we need to determine our strategy. Your strategy consists of the following elements:

  • Goals & Objectives: What are you trying to achieve? Whether you have high-level brand awareness, engagement, acquisition, or other goals, answering this question will determine your entire campaign’s trajectory.
  • Tokenization Models: NFTs are tools. Therefore, you need to orient and utilize your tools to best reflect the goals you’ve determined above. Will your tokenization models enable your NFTs as collectibles, access points, digital goods, or memberships? Your objectives will lead you to the correct models for your campaign.
  • Marketing Plan: Only after you determine the above elements will you build your marketing plan. An omnichannel strategy that leverages NFTs across different platforms is best.
  • Technology Platform: At this point, you know your objectives, how you want to use NFTs, and have begun building out your marketing. The next step is choosing the NFT tech platform that can enable everything you’re planning. Luckily, Mint is here to do just that: All the technical abilities to allow you to mint, distribute, and engage.


Now that you’ve determined your strategy, it’s time to create your NFT content, design, and framework. Turn your attention to the following elements:

  • NFT Design: This is the fun part where you ask yourself, “What can we make?” Your strategy and tokenization model will help you find the answer. But this is your chance to make your NFT something memorable and desirable. Bring in your creative team and think outside the box.
  • Drop Architecture: How do you want to distribute your NFTs? There are many ways to share them across your platforms and audiences that can excite and engage. In this step, you’ll decide on the how, when, and why of your distribution method.
  • Ecosystem and “Skin” Design: Your NFT ecosystem (where people will buy, trade, and engage with your NFTs) will feel most authentic if it’s branded like your other experiences. Mint can build this ecosystem in a white-label solution that inherits the same branding as any other brand materials.
  • Legal: Do all your legal checks now, not later. Check legality in tandem with creating your NFTs. Don’t run into a situation where you didn’t ensure everything was usable and authorized and have to delay your plans.


You’ve strategized and prepped — now it’s time to push the “go” button. Before you flip the switch, run through these last NFT campaign elements to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

  • Utility: Unless you’re leveraging NFTs for collectibles, your utilization will determine how people actually use your items. This will be strongly tied to the tokenization models referenced above, but is more granular. For example, your NFT holders may be able to utilize their products to get into specific exclusive livestreams, gated commerce activations, or can allow them to participate in polls that affect the brand — a true web3 example of an NFTs ability to grant ownership.
  • Community Management: One of the goals of introducing NFTs is to build community. How will you communicate with them? This is where your social channels, community managers, and UX managers will come into play. You’ll want to ensure you can keep engagement up once you’ve built your audience.
  • Pre-launch Setup and Checklist: A good checklist will ensure you have all the pieces needed in a recipe. An NFT campaign checklist will ensure you haven’t forgotten any ingredients. Our Playbook for marketers contains an example checklist you can use in your own campaign building. Keep things simple by itemizing what needs to be done and crossing it off when completed.

Build Your NFT Strategy With the Playbook As a Guide

A sound strategy, path to NFT design and creation, and “go live” plan can save you time, energy, and money when starting your NFT operations. Mint’s NFT Marketing Playbook describes exactly what goes into each of the categories and steps mentioned above. Leverage the power of NFTs in offering new, exciting experiences to your audience.


Be the first to get an exclusive, pre-launch copy of the full NFT Planner’s Playbook by signing up here. Only holders of our limited Mint NFTs will be send a copy of the full document in the coming few days before it is published on our (brand new!) website.

To learn more about how the Mint platform works, or to see it in action, visit the website and get in touch. Or, visit the Mint blog for more information on web3 and NFTs.

Written by Rob Simakovsky



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