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Generative Art and the Future — — NFT Digital Art Special Auction by Poly Beijing

From the beginning of 2021, NFT art marketing was growing rapidly, and generative art has turned out to be the most promising and eye-catching component compared to others. Although NFTs are still new to the traditional art market, collectors are keen to get involved in this new but trending journey into NFTs.

In August of 2021, Mintverse technically supported the first NFT special auctions with NEAL DIGITAL and the largest Chinese auction houses helping over 20 artists access a wider art market, including Brendan Dawes, Gene Kogen, Moses, REVA, Baiwei, Cindy Ng, Sun Yuqian (Cheese) and many more.

Mintverse and NEAL DIGITAL will work closely to bring more talented artists onto the service platform. The artists mentioned above along with many more will also be working with Mintverse in order to expand to a wider audience and gain further exposure. Mintverse has the vision to magnify NFTs in a way that has yet to be discovered and explored. As industry leaders the platform and NEAL DIGITAL will work together in order to fulfil this vision and provide a more comprehensive NFT space.

Founder of NEAL DIGITAL, “In the fast paced and ever growing NFT ecosystem it is important to have new and improved ideas in order to give the world‘s most creative curators an opportunity to expand and grow. Mintverse offers the exact services that we are looking for to give our creators an added push and further develop their brand in the NFT market. With their powerful resources in the industry, we see the vision of their project and we want to continue providing the best content and expanding more terrains like NFT collectibles, derivatives in order to enhance the current NFT market.”

Emma Cheng, Art Advisor at NEAL DIGITAL, was keen on partnering with Mintverse, “Having worked within the art community, NFTs have given creators the ability to further enhance their position as artists. Mintverse gives creators an opportunity to develop further use cases for their art along with more monetary incentives to encourage the development of their creativity.”

Brendan Dawes is an internationally renowned digital artist, whose works have been exhibited in Singapore, Madrid and even the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Dawes believes that everything humans experience is some form of data and thus expresses his art through interactive installations and dynamic images. Frequencies is a piece where a beautifully melancholic piano tune breaks into the silent, dark abyss, light dancing on a sphere, yet getting lost in the void. The vibration of the music breaks the structure of time and space, imploring the viewer to resonate with the moving frequency and visual changes.

Focused on generative art and swarm intelligence, Gene Kogen’s project uses a novel AI program which understands information from human language instructions to generate realistic, familiar images. The result is a burst of vivid colours, growing mesmerising and infinite, depicting the endless looping of flowers blooming. With interests in consciousness and cognition in machine learning and AI, Kogen’s project is not only artistically talented and aesthetically captivating, but the emerging technology used looks into a future where humans will be able to directly interact with computers through human language. The whole project contains 99 generated paintings of flowers in full bloom, all diverse and different.

A well-known encryption artist, REVA works with generative art styles including algorithmic art and code generative art. Her experience of working on software development in film special effects technology for China Film Group has brought her here today. Her piece, The Time Machine, is deeply thought-provoking, reflecting on the vastness of time and infinite moments contained within. “The consciousness at this moment is only on this machine”– REVA’s piece will consume you into the brilliant light of her time machine.

Born in Poland, Baiwei is an artist, Chinese scholar and calligrapher. Having studied Chinese painting for 12 years, he demonstrates mastery in fusing together the traditional arts with virtual reality and technology. Dialogues from the Bitcoin Mountains illustrate this artful skill through the shape of the mountain reflecting Bitcoin’s historical data curve. Eight beautiful landscapes transition one after another, forming a dialogue between the artist in the crypto world and the canonical ancient painters. This piece evokes a strange sense of antiquity, harking back to the distant past.

Sun Yuqian is a digital artist whose work focuses on AI chatbots, particularly narration and intimacy in AI interaction. Perhaps one of the most innovative, original and ingenious ideas in digital art and AI, Yuqian developed Wander001, which gives one the opportunity to visit the future earth. Wander001 is an open-world, interactive fiction based on an AI Chatbot on discord. If you ask Wander to visit any real-world location, she will travel there and send back notes from what it looks like in the future. The Wander Inversion series are works based on the chatbot’s travel notes from the future, producing enchanting, dreamlike landscapes.

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