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Ling Cage Incarnation: Minting Guide

Step 1: Wallet Setup

  1. Download and install the MetaMask app.

2. Create a Wallet and backup your seed phrase somewhere secret (preferably not on an Internet-connected device). Without this phrase, your funds can’t be recovered if your device is damaged or lost.

3. Your wallet is now ready to send and receive funds.

4. Go to the Settings page, and locate the Networks menu.

5. Click Add Network in the top-right corner to manually add Binance Smart Chain.

6. Fill in the following parameters for Mainnet:

Once you Save the Network and return to the main view, you’ll notice the network has automatically changed and the units are now denominated in BNB.

Step 2: Buy BNB

  1. Sign up for an exchange that offers BNB
  2. Buy BNB using cryptocurrency or a fiat payment method
  3. Withdraw your BNB to a wallet that supports BNB (MetaMask)
  4. Swap part of your BNB into BUSD for purchasing;

Exchanges that offer BNB include Binance, Bybit, Bitmart, etc. You need to compare their fees, fiat currency support, and more before you choose the right exchange for you. BNB will be deducted as BSC gas fee. But the blind box is priced in BUSD.

Step 3: Buy Ling Cage Incarnation Blind Box

  1. Head over to the Ling Cage Incarnation featured page on
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet, click “Connect” on the right top;
  3. When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply click the “Buy Now” button. Or you will be free to place a bid or make an offer for a specific item.
  4. Click “Refresh Metadata” to open your blind box after 3 days; (My Account -> collectible -> refresh)



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