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Mintverse Community Update — November 2021

👋 Dear Mintverse Community,

We have come to the end of an exciting month with a lot of new updates and improvements with the Mintverse platform! Down below is a recap of what we have achieved so far 👇

📘 Content Covered:

  • Stats
  • Product and Development
  • Featured Mintverse Drops and Projects
  • Partnerships and Campaign Announcements

͏͏͏📊 Stats:

💻 Product and Development:

  • BETA Launch!

This month we successfully launched the BETA version of the Mintverse platform, giving all users access to the Mintverse Marketplace, supporting peer-to-peer trading of NFTs in the form of artwork, digital collectibles and in-game items on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. A GamesOn feature has also been added where we will list the NFTs of all our gaming partners, more announcements coming up about this very soon so stay tuned to our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels!

Some of the challenges that we aim to tackle in this space are exorbitant gas fees, inadequate incentives for creators, and lack of utilities. Our long-term goal is to bring NFT creation to the forefront of art and gaming which will soon be highlighted as we have more developments within our platform

  • CertiK Audit

Our platform has successfully been audited by CertiK, who have been involved with over 1000 projects including the best exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and Huobi. With only a few issues found and acknowledged we have worked to resolve them to ensure safety and security for everyone involved with the Mintverse project.

🎭 Featured Mintverse Drops and Projects

  • Ling Cage: Incarnation

With the record of more than 2.1 billion video views, China’s first 3D sci-fi animation epic Ling Cage: Incarnation entered the NFT space through Mintverse with limited mystery boxes. LING CAGE: INCARNATION Genesis NFT Mystery Box is the first AR 3D animation mystery box in the world, including 4 scarcity levels — N, R, SR, SSR. With extra enriched content, there are hundreds of unique editions of collectibles for NFT collectors to explore. The first batch of 2500 NFTs on the BSC network have been listed EXCLUSIVELY on and began minting on the 29th of Nov.

  • MetaWarden

This month we also introduced our first incubated collectible project, MetaWarden, for which we will soon announce further details! MetaWarden is a collection of 100% hand-drawn 8,888 NFTs inspired by the Chinese culture Tai Chi & Eight Trigrams, incubated by Mintverse.

The collection is a pass to join the Mintverse ecosystem, and holders of MetaWardens can enjoy a variety of unique benefits like,

  • Airdrops of other incubated NFT projects by;
  • Early access to Mintverse INO & IGO projects;
  • Entry tickets to featured games, your Warden might be one of the protagonists;
  • Authorized access to Mintverse DAO as a community governor;
  • Regular invitation to our offline exclusive NFT Exhibition and Club;

🤝 Partnerships and Campaign Announcements:

  • Poly Auction House

We also announced our tech support for one of the largest auction houses in Asia, Poly Auction House, alongside NEAL DIGITAL helping over 20 artists access a wider art market, including Brendan Dawes, Gene Kogen, Moses, REVA, Baiwei, Cindy Ng, Sun Yuqian (Cheese) and many more.


Mintverse and NFTGO also confirmed their strategic partnership in order to strengthen cooperation on: NFT Drops, NFT Ranking, Global Marketing and Research, Layer2 platform functions, to provide multiple services for NFT creators and investors. NFTGO will support Mintverse in numerous ways, such as data API and vertical data analysis. At the same time, both parties will jointly lay out multi-chain ecological construction to provide users with more asset selection and asset management services.

  • Bug Bounty Campaign — $20,000 USDT reward pool!

We also launched our Bug Bounty campaign this month to help improve the platform through testing, and to recruit others to test by helping us build a community. We are excited to see how this early beta version of Mintverse holds up under the testing of all participants and to start fixing any problems that arise. Since this is a test website, there will be problems; detecting and fixing them before launching is of utmost importance to us.

  • NFBs to be listed on Mintverse

Towards the end of this month we announced the listing of ApeSwap’s Non-Fungible Bananas on the Mintverse Marketplace. Once the primary sale has been completed these NFBs will be listed on Mintverse where all users can trade the collectibles! A social giveaway campaign was conducted on Twitter giving away 5 NFBs to introduce these collectibles to the Mintverse platform



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