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Is WordPress Dead? Understanding Headless CMS

Is WordPress Dead?
Photo by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

What is CMS and why is it important?

You might be confused about what content management has to do with web development. It’s pretty simple.

Web vs mobile development

Another important point here is that websites are different than mobile applications. When developing for the web, we have to remember about flawless performance and Search Engine Optimisation while bringing complex, responsive, and competitive layouts to life at the same time.

What is a headless CMS?

Traditional content management systems don’t allow you to reuse content since it becomes an integral part of the code. HTML, CSS, text copy, and images are all grouped together in one pool that is your website. The main problem with this traditional approach is that it doesn’t allow the CMS to effectively adapt to modern digital platforms.

Traditional CMS vs Headless

The main benefits of headless CMS

Improved development process and consequent better performance are important, but what about that frontend we all are so invested in? There’s more to not binding data to its presentation layer: possible huge layout changes.

Modern Headless CMS example: Netlify

Is WordPress a good CMS these days?

If you easily adapt to novelties and get excited over new rock-star technologies, you would never say that when offered a Gatsby & Netlify duo as a core of your web app.

Ok, but is WordPress really that bad?

Is Kamaz worse than Tesla? Both can get you to your destination, but the trip experience will differ. In terms of support, resource consumption, bug fixing, or any further development.

Most developers can’t stand the HelloDolly default WP plugin

Is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

At the same time, let’s not forget the main purpose of the majority of the websites these days — organic impressions. Many marketers would argue that WordPress is the best content management system when it comes to built-in search engine optimization, and this statement might still hold value.

  • Simple metadata management
  • Creating attractive permalinks to make your URLs more clickable
  • Images can be optimised for SEO right away
  • Fast load speed
  • Built-in mobile optimisation
  • Social media integration
Yoast SEO plugin by WP

Headless WordPress?!

Now, if none of the above has worked and you’re still rejecting the idea of letting your WordPress templates rest in peace, you could try turning it headless.

Final words

Here’s an obvious observation for you: technology evolves more rapidly than ever and WordPress’s days are numbered. Sure, it may still work for now and you may eventually find the PHP team ready to develop your WP-powered solution. But why not choose technologies that have the biggest chances to survive and prosper instead?



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