IVF Treatment Start a New Chapter of Life

Having a baby is like having a bond with happiness that stays with you for a lifetime. It gives your life a meaning, a worth. But there is another reality of life, which is infertility. Infertility problem has been growing day by day for couples. One of the most common causes of infertility — have made it impossible to conceive naturally thus far.

There are many reasons why more couples are choosing IVF treatment to help create their family. The subject of infertility is no longer taboo and treatment is more readily accessible for those in need. IVF is a life-changing experience — one that helps them realize the dream of a having a baby.

Woman’s age affects her fertility. As time passes the chance of conceiving a baby gets reduced by age, at 30 years chance reduced to 3–5%. After 4o years, there is less chance of conceiving. Large number of factors that affects the infertility — damage to fallopian tubes, hormonal causes, cervical causes, unexplained infertility and uterine causes.

We all know a child can bring lots of happiness in a family, conversely, the heartache that comes with not being able to conceive.

Motherhood is still central to womanhood, the magical thing that women’s bodies do. Motherhood is also socially rewarded and is a sort of proxy for femininity. In candid moments, mothers tell you that they liked being pregnant because of all the attention they got.
India, being at the forefront of reproductive medicine, has become an idol for all the IVF infertility treatments available around the world. India has the cutting edge technologies, most advanced treatment protocols, & a highly acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & support staff. Approx 900 plus infertility- IVF centers are available across the country. There are wide ranges of customized procedures viz. IVF, ICSI, IUI, embryo donation, sperm donation, Egg donation, Oocyte freezing and surrogacy to name a few.

Encourage the patients to have a conversation with their physician about their own success probability. No prediction method can offer a guarantee, and conditions — especially female age if she’s using her own eggs — affect outcomes significantly.

In vitro fertilization has become the dominant technique for achieving pregnancy in women with abnormal or blocked fallopian tubes. It is also the only way out for those suffering from male infertility. Success rate of IVF has improved dramatically and applied to other fertility problems.

In essence, the technique involves intentionally hyper-stimulating the ovaries, obtaining the oocytes via needle-aspiration, combining them with the sperm in the laboratory and selection among resultant embryos for transfer back to the uterus. The events which ordinarily occur in the fallopian tubes thus occur in the laboratory, providing a sort of tubal bypass. IVF allows selection of the healthiest embryos for transfer and often a choice among several embryos.

If you’re trying to get pregnant and it’s taking longer than you expected, Fertility Specialists can help you understand the possible reasons why you can’t, and most importantly how you can.