The Life Effect

I never thought I would write that, or that I would ever think so.
Life really does provide a way to create the most unthinkable coincidences, and for an observant person like me, it’s kind of like an affront to logic. It is easy to understand how it works, but it is difficult for us as human beings to accept all that is forced to flee our loop of control as we are programmed to find solutions.
After a while we finally realize that most of them are palliative.
The central point is: We have to accept the spontaneity of things.
One day we woke up, and because a plane did not take off on the other side of the world, the paper was delayed to be produced, and the person who would read the same newspaper that morning left earlier, causing it to cross our usual path.
We came to understand, in a moment, that the cliché “was meant to be” is much more common than we came to think.
But it is not right to rely on chance. You must fight for them.
I just admit that life becomes much more complicated when we have the view that the smallest decisions of our day can have a giant impact on the next few minutes.
It is necessary to create the culture of passing knowledge. We should not look for certain answers, humanity in this part should be more like a system: Increase knowledge, experience — not try to create everything from scratch to each generation.
This is a great difficulty that I perceive. People who take decades to “find” themselves in life, who make one, two colleges, work years in their fields, only to grow old and say, “That’s not what I wanted to do.”
“I do not feel complete.”
“I do not feel happy.”
We need to realize that our ancients already felt this way, just did not have the freedom of communication that we have today. Knowledge is in humanity, many answers already date the Bible itself, just search.
Seek, for as I have already mentioned, the support of chance, although may seem comfortable, does not make you evolve, only stagnate.
No one is lazy enough to want to die in the same ignorance that was born.
However, the life, puzzle that is, will never cease to be complicated. We must know that in struggling for things, we’ll find several closed doors.
Perhaps the scarcest, most misunderstood, least sought after resource.
Our watch strikes 24 hours every day, but we end up living the equivalent of 52 hours. We usually have two hands and ten fingers, but there are a lot of people there holding a son, talking on the phone, stirring the pot and God knows what else. It is so much, that the phrase that we will hear over there is “There was no time.”
To count with chance, to fight for goals, to be patient, are things that seem at first to be conflicting. It is difficult for the mind to see the macro of things, to understand that salt, water, and sugar are also three completely different things, but together they treat a problem, dehydration.
Welcome to life.
 It takes us 50 years to finally know it and we’ve been trying since Adam and Eve to understand.