Go Mobile: Monitor Key Metrics of Your Magento Store Anywhere

We have taken the next step and added new features to Advanced Reports for the Magento 2 extension. We have added the ability to conveniently check the key indicators of your store’s work with your mobile device.

Here’s how it works.

Suppose that you’re the owner of an online store based on Magento 2 platform. You’re always on the move, you have a lot of work to do… But you need to control your store at anytime from anywhere. If something goes wrong, you have to be aware of it and react immediately. The simplest way to do this is to gather all the key metrics in one place and provide convenient access to all of them. This is exactly what our extension does!

Let’s see it in action.

First of all, you need to understand which metrics you would like to check and control. They have to reflect the most important aspects of your store’s work and do so differently.

Then you can create the dashboard which will contain all those metrics. You can also create the metrics for your employees and provide access only for those metrics they’re responsible for.

The extension allows you to show the widgets (blocks) with the most important information.

You are able drag, drop, and customize those widgets.

You can customize:

  • the type of data the widget displays
  • the period of the displayed data
  • the period of the past data which you would like to compare your present data to
widget customization on your dashboard

After the dashboard creation, you can check all the data on your personal computer or on a big TV to let your whole team see them all the time. Also, you can connect it to your phone.

To connect it to your mobile phone you just need to scan the QR-code and there you are, with all the reports are in your mobile phone! You don’t need to additionally enter the login/password of your store. All the required authorization info is already in your scanned QR-code.

Your mobile dashboard will be updated in real time and you will see only actual and up-to date data there. You can monitor the key reports of your store from any place in the world!

mobile widgets with recent orders chart

Do you like this new feature of our Advanced Reports? You can try it out with our demo or by installing the extension in your store.

Feel free to share your comments and ideas about it! We’ll be happy to discuss it!