Mirasvit Update Digest

The first month of 2017 has passed and we’ve got a bunch of new features and improvements for your M1&M2 extensions.

Updates at a glance:

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Magento 1 Extensions Updates

Full Page Cache

Added a possibility to ignore URL parameters for a given page.
Feature allows creating just one cache for the first paginated page and index by merging store.com/url and store.com/url?p=1 and ignoring defined URL parameters.
This means your store will have less cache since store.com/url and store.com/url?p=1 have just one common cache.
Before you could ignore the number of the following URL parameters:

  1. UTM (gclid, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, utm_campaign);
  2. Tracking sessions, clicks and orders (__SID, fee, fep).

Now you can also cut ?p=1 pagination parameter!

Who benefits from this feature?
You, as a store owner, and your store developer, since after implementing this feature your store cache will appear even more optimized and the store will run faster.

Image 1. Ignored URL parameters settings.

Advanced SEO Suite

  1. Added Twitter Summary cards on store product pages.

If you enable this feature, Twitter Summary Card tags will be added to the header section of each store product page.
These tags allow Twitter to display information about your pages in more attractive way, when users share links to the pages of your store. To use this option you need to add Twitter button by another extension. You can test this option here: Twitter Card validator
The following lines will be added to the HTML code of the product pages (example):

<! — mirasvit twitter card begin →
<meta name=”twitter:card” content=”summary_large_image”/>
<meta name=”twitter:site” content=”@username”/>
<meta name=”twitter:name” content=”Madison RX3400"/>
<meta name=”twitter:description” content=”18–55mm zoom lens. 3.0 LCD display with image editing features. SD/SDXC slot. Full 1080p HD video.
<meta name=”twitter:image” content=”http://example.com/media/product/cdc/madison-rx3400-109.jpg"/>
<meta name=”twitter:image:alt” content=”Madison RX3400">
<mirasvit twitter card end →

Who benefits from this feature?
You, as a store owner, since your store will have more features for your customers and look more eye-catching!

2. Added a possibility to remove “Keywords” Meta tag from store pages code.

This feature allows removing <meta name=”keywords” content=””> tag and it’s content from <head> </head> section of your store pages.
Since Google stopped using Keywords Meta tag in ranking, now any web master has an opportunity to remove this tag from store’s pages by a single click.

Who benefits from this feature?
Your store developer, since now there’s a possibility to save some time, get store code cleaner and cut unnecessary blocks in just 1 click!

Magento 2 Extensions Updates

Product Labels

Added product attribute “Set as New” to label conditions.
To Product Labels extension added new condition “Set as New” using the attribute “Set Product as New From”.
This feature extends the set of available conditions for choosing necessary products and, therefore, enhances your store labels pack.

Who benefits from this feature? 
You, as a store owner, since you may offer your customers this, that and the other label!
Set as New’ attribute using in Conditions.

Image 2. Set as New’ attribute using in Conditions.

Advanced SEO Suite

  1. Added a possibility of using ‘x-default’ alternate tag.

We added a possibility of automatic adding ‘x-default’ rel=’alternate’ tag to your store pages header section: <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x-default” href=”http://store.com/en/" />

Who benefits from this feature? 
Your store developer. If you run multilingual store, this feature will greatly help your developer in tweaking SEO flows. Learn more international SEO tips & tricks here.

Image 3. Choosing the store view for displaying in ‘x-default’ hreflang tag.
Image 4. New feature of automatic adding ‘x-default’ hreflang tag
Image 5. The result code block from store header.

2. Added a possibility to use different positions for SEO Description.

This new feature allows using different positions for SEO description (Bottom of the page, Under Short Description, Under Full Description). Before your store developer should place this description manually wherever it was appropriate.

Who benefits from this feature? 
Your store developer. New option simplifies placing SEO description up to 1 click choice!

Image 6. Options of placing SEO description.

3. Added a possibility to manage showing SEO toolbar depending from cookie.

Now you’ve got an opportunity to display SEO toolbar without IP addresses binding, but using user’s cookie. This greatly helps when it’s impossible to identify IP correctly (it depends on customer’s server settings).

Who benefits from this feature?
Your store developer. Feature simplifies setting up SEO toolbar displaying and widens the range of users who are able to view store SEO toolbar independently of their server settings.

Image 7. Adding cookie to enable SEO toolbar displaying.
Image 8. Deleting cookie to disable SEO toolbar showing.
Image 9. Displaying SEO toolbar.

Advanced Reports

  1. Added the possibility of sending report emails by schedule.

Now you can easily schedule the convenient spacings for sending any report on your email! You may also choose several reports.

Who benefits from this feature?
You, as a store owner! Automation always rules, so adding a bit more automated flows to your everyday activities can save you some more time!

Image 10. Adding sending reports schedule in the extension backend.

2. Advanced Dashboard added (BETA).

We are working at Reports Advanced Dashboard and currently it’s BETA, but still enjoy Metrics and Reports widgets!

Image 11. All in one Advanced Dashboard.

3. Added 2 new filter options — by order status and GEO.

Now it’s possible to filter your report entries by Order status, since we’ve added ‘Order Status’ column, and by location (Geo).

Who benefits from this feature? 
You, as a store owner, since the more features and options you’ve got in your reports, the deeper insights of your store performance you are able to view!

Image 12. Sales by Geo-data filtered report.

What’s next?

Our team will be glad to hear from you and bring your inquiries on our existing and future extensions into life. Please, advice us, what you wish to see next:
1. New Magento extension you need for your store.
2. New feature in one of our existing solutions.
Feel free to email us at support@mirasvit.com or contact us in our Twitter or Facebook.