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In case you didn’t get the memo, we’re turning one today!

Ready to see the whole thing? Mirror Journal puts a take on current events, products, and so much more that no one will see anywhere else. We already have two Mirror Journal editors to provide the best experience possible. Plus, Mirror Journal is coming to Apple News sometime in the future so YOU can see the whole thing from your iPhone or iPad.

This was Mirror Journal’s first article. Ever. A one paragraph, 30-second read. On 27 May, 2016, Dante Gaudio and I soft-launched Mirror Journal. The first article came just one day later, 28 May. We consider that the birthday of this blog. As of today, the one-year anniversary of Mirror Journal, we’ve published 55 articles (including this one), a Twitter hub, and even three different looks.

Here’s how we’ve progressed.

Of course, I realize that we don’t have too big of an audience, but I do it because it’s my passion. To show what audience I do have the latest tech news and even reviews on whatever devices I can get my hands on (so far Google Home, iPhone SE, & coming soon Nintendo Switch). So thank you — for reading, sharing, & sticking by us — and I can’t wait to show you what Dante & I have in store for the year ahead.

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