Mirror Community Update — April 2021

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2 min readApr 27, 2021


Dear Mirror Community,

Thanks to continual community support and invaluable feedback over the last six months since launch, Mirror Protocol is now preparing to launch V2. Mirror has also celebrated some impressive milestones: surpassing $2B in TVL and $1B in liquidity, becoming a top 15 DeFi protocol; releasing Coinbase (mCOIN) as the newest mirrored asset; $MIR being listed on Binance and Huobi; and certainly not least, the introduction of limit orders on Mirror.

With the upcoming introduction of Mirror V2, we look forward to seeing Mirror Protocol continue to flourish under the governance of the Mirror community!

Mirror Milestones

  • Mirror crosses $2 billion in TVL and $1billion in liquidity, making it a top 15 DeFi Protocol and a leading cross-chain DeFi protocol when measuring TVL including Pool2 data.
  • Mirror V2 governance: the list of features for Mirror V2 is announced!
  • Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex list $MIR in the Innovation Zone.
  • Community-whitelisted mCOIN (Coinbase) goes live on Mirror.
  • Coinbase Custody announced support for MIR, making it the first Terra-native asset to be supported by Coinbase custody.
  • Limit orders now supported on Mirror Protocol — users can buy mAssets at the price they want.
  • A glimpse into Mirror V2.

Ecosystem & Community Updates

  • DeFi Llama integrates Mirror (Pool2 data — MIR-UST volume — not included.)
  • Intellabridge launches Kash, an application targeting investments and savings built on Mirror and Anchor to mainstream users.
  • Pickle Finance support for mAsset jars (vaults).
  • EasyFi integrates Mirror’s mAssets to its new Binance Chain platform — the first implementation of synthetic assets as collateral on a layer 2 money market in DeFi.
  • Chainlink integration coming to Mirror Protocol soon.
  • Mirror Markets enables users to easily track oracle and Terraswap prices.
  • Beefy Finance announces new mAsset vaults.


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