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3 min readMar 3, 2021


Dear Mirror Community,

February was an epic month for Mirror, with the GameStop saga bringing in users seeking decentralized alternatives to Robinhood. In terms of numbers, we saw TVL on Mirror first cross 200M UST, then celebrated reaching 500M UST, and now have over 800M in UST now locked on Mirror, all within 3 months of launch! We’ve had a few more events to celebrate, so let’s jump right in.

Mirror Milestones

  • Mirror now has over 800M UST in liquidity, collateral, and staked MIR locked on the platform.
  • Daily trading volume hits an ATH of $44.42M.
  • The first batch of mirrored assets whitelisted by Mirror governance list on Mirror: mirrored BTC, ETH, Goldman Sachs Group, Facebook, and Airbnb.
  • Mirrored AMC & GME list on Mirror.

Ecosystem & Community Updates

  • Mask Network partners with Mirror to offer Twitter users the opportunity to buy mTSLA.
  • We’re joining forces with Beefy Finance to educate folks on the rapidly developing DeFi space on BSC.
  • Wing Finance teams up with Mirror to enable users to borrow or lend mAssets directly from the Wing platform.
  • MathWallet hosts a giveaway for MIR community members.
  • The total time to whitelist a new mAsset was reduced from 21 days to 15 through the passage of Proposal 64.
  • The Mirror community can now create a poll to modify the reward distribution parameter of an existing mAsset.
  • The Mirror meme contest garnered over 250+ submissions — see the Tweet thread for some epic memes from our amazing community.
  • MIR-UST farming is live on Pickle Finance.
  • Mirror Wallet, the fully non-custodial mobile wallet built on Mirror, is now open-source.
  • Users with ideas to build on Mirror can create a proposal open for discussion on the Mirror Forum, and create a new proposal or vote on existing governance proposals here. An interesting idea to whitelist a tokenized version of eth gas prices — $mGwei.
  • Tip: use Terraswap or Pancakeswap to trade assets if gas prices are too high & port them over to Uniswap when gas prices go down.
  • MIR is additionally available for staking with Staking Rewards.
  • Mirror V2 — as we’re getting ready for the new & improved V2, if you have ideas on how to make Mirror even better, drop them here.


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