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5 min readFeb 4, 2021


Welcome to the first Mirror Protocol Community Update. Mirror’s community is proving to be extremely vibrant and everything Mirror has accomplished this month is a direct result of community initiative (and the development team implementing the initiatives, of course).

Starting with growth in numbers, Mirror’s TVL has tripled over the past month, currently at $330 MILLION within two months of launch. On average, 30,000 transactions are conducted and $36M in assets are traded on a 24H basis. The community pool holds over 36M MIR (or over $200M at time of writing). Liquidity (the total value of all mAssets and UST in liquidity pools) stands at $160M.

(Source: https://terra.mirror.finance/)

Community Governance Updates

The Mirror Community Forum is where the community proposes and discusses thoughtful changes to the protocol, which then go live for users to vote on Mirror governance. Since launch on Dec. 4, there have been over 50 forum proposals and over 60 on-chain proposals, a testament to the community’s intimate involvement. Here are a few of the most significant proposals in January:

Upcoming Five New mAssets

Parameters for BTC, ETH, ABNB (Airbnb), GS (Goldman Sachs Group), and FB (Facebook) have been set and passed governance vote, meaning they will be the first batch of assets to be added to the original 14 on Mirror.

APY added as an optional feature

The Mirror community voted on a live poll to switch the default display from APY to APR on the Mirror platform — and that’s what we did. The APY, compounded daily, is still viewable as an optional feature.

View for APR & APY for mirrored SLV-UST LP

GME & AMC on Mirror — Voting Live

Voting to whitelist GameStop and AMC on Mirror is live on Governance. Vote before the end time.

Mirror on Blockfolio — Vote

The community is voting to get Mirror on Blockfolio. Vote here.

Mirror Meme Contest

Spurred by an idea proposed by a Mirror community member, the Mirror Meme Contest is on. Show your meme game — post it to Mirror’s Twitter.

Meme courtesy of William Chen, Dev Relations @ Terra

New Mirror Interface on Solidefi

Solidefi has created a Mirror interface to manage your synthetic portfolio more easily. Check it out here.

$MIR Listings



1inch Exchange

Ox Protocol

Harvest Finance

  • Deposit mTSLA-UST LP tokens into Harvest Finance and get rewarded in $FARM tokens. Note the opportunity to get additional $LUNA rewards for duration of 4 weeks.

For a comprehensive list of CEXs and DEXs on which $MIR is traded, see CoinMarketCap or Coingecko.

Mirror Partnerships

Mirror x Binance Smart Chain

Mirror Protocol integrated with Binance Smart Chain, sovereign smart contract blockchain with EVM compatible programmability, to bring synthetic assets to the BSC Community! Now, any user on Terra, Ethereum, and BSC has direct access to mAssets. We’ll be updating the BSC Community on Mirror’s progress, so join our community there.

Binance CEO CZ is thrilled to see mAssets on BSC 😎

mAssets have been rolled out on BSC AMM DEX and yield farm PancakeSwap and stablecoin DEX StablexSwap. PancakeSwap has added mAsset trading and farms for Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google stocks, enabling users to stake $CAKE to earn $UST. Learn more about the Syrup Pool here. On StablexSwap, UST will be listed against BUSD using the platform’s low-slippage bonding curve pool.

mAsset farms on PancakeSwap

Mirror x UniLend

With UniLend, users can leverage synthetic assets (mAssets) as collateral to borrow and lend in a money market protocol for the first time.

Mirror x Mask Network

Our partnership with Mask Network allows users to buy stock synthetics (like $mTSLA) without even leaving Twitter, meaning anyone with an Internet connection has access to popular US stocks. Download the Mask Chrome extension here.

Interviews & AMAs

Mirror x SPAR Protocol: Community Proposal

Injective x BAND x Mirror Panel: Decentralized Stock Trading

Mikobits Interview

Community AMA (debate feat. OIO community member)

UniLend AMA

Persistence AMA

Public Features

Community Take on Mirror Protocol

Blockonomi: Guide to Mirror Protocol

Dapp.com: How to Stake mAssets

Mirror Bridges to BSC

Mirror on Twitter

Here’s what people have been saying about Mirror Protocol on Twitter.

Balaji Srinivasan (ex-CTO, Coinbase)

Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

Tarun Chitra (Founder, CEO Gauntlet)

Changpeng Zao (CEO, Binance)

Looking Forward

2021 has been momentous for Mirror Protocol and we look forward to the upcoming announcements, partnerships, and features. We’re always working hard to improve Mirror and rely on our brilliant community for feedback and ideas. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

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