Mirror Community Update — July 2021

Mirror Protocol
Mirror Protocol
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2 min readAug 10, 2021


Dear Mirror Community,

Mirror Protocol has continued to grow steadily over this past month, its demand marked by the listing of $MIR on a number of exchanges, such as Kraken, Bitfinex, and WazirX. With the addition of each new asset, such as $DOT, $SQ, $AMD, and $ARKK, Mirror takes steps towards its vision towards mirroring everything under the moon. Furthermore, the integration of mAssets into protocols such as Nebula, PlasmaPay, and PhutureDao proves the value of its inherently composable design.

Additionally, we would be remiss to not mention the excellent contributions of community members such as @alphaDefi_ and @danku_r in providing historical data on Mirror Protocol. We love to see quality contributions that benefit the entire community. Let’s dive right in.

Mirror Milestones & Governance

Ecosystem & Community Update

  • WallStreetBets gives a sneak-peek of its Mirror Protocol front-end interface.
  • InsurAce offers the first DeFi insurance protection for Mirror — smart contract vulnerability for mAsset protection. Buy cover at 5.99% premiums and an initial $8 million capacity.
  • AlphaDeFi incorporates a Mirror Protocol time series (Commission APRs, mAsset Spreads, Volatility Rankings) on their Data Center.
  • Phuturedao enables mAssets to be included into token indexes.
  • PlasmaPay allows users to trade mAssets on Polygon with low fees and LP on PlasmaSwap.
  • AlphaDeFi’s daily/hourly Short & Long Farm APRs for Mirror Protocol.
  • $mDOGE in an auto-rebalancing index cluster courtesy of the upcoming Nebula Protocol.


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