Mirror Community Update — June 2021

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2 min readJul 7, 2021


Dear Mirror Community,

The release of Mirror V2 this past month marked a significant step for Mirror Protocol. The protocol has seen growth on a number of fronts, from protocol design expanding to include limit orders and sLP tokens, to improved governance design incentives. The Mirror community has burgeoned, consistently providing valuable input and suggestions, which are constantly being reviewed and implemented to continuously improve Mirror. The last several months have been exciting, but with new features for V3 already being brainstormed, they are only the beginning of an era.

Mirror Milestones & Governance

  • Mirror Testnet launches to give users the opportunity to experience V2 & provide feedback to be incorporated into the V2 Mainnet launch.
  • Mirror V2 officially launches six months post-launch, bringing upgrades such as inverse (sLP) tokens, refined governance incentives, and new collateral options to the protocol.
  • The Mirror web app also gets a new look with a detailed dashboard to accompany. See our Mirror V2 Introductory blog for more details on the new changes!
  • Mirror governance milestone: 100 polls proposed.
  • Polls to whitelist mirrored AMD, Square, Polkadot, and Pre-IPO Robinhood are now live.
  • mARKK passes the threshold to be whitelisted on Mirror.
  • AlphaDeFi’s Fee Station provides visibility into how mAsset trades are affected by fees and slippage.

Ecosystem & Community Updates


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