Mirror Community Update — May 2021

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2 min readJun 2, 2021


Dear Mirror Community,

MIR has celebrated a number of listings on prominent exchanges over the course of the last few weeks: Binance, Huobi, Poloniex, Crypto.com, Coinbase, and KuCoin Futures. On the governance end of things, mGLXY has been listed on Mirror, with mDOGE on its way, having passed the initial whitelisting phase. Mirror has also partnered with a number of protocols, including Ramp DeFi, Beefy Finance, NerveFinance, and Pickle Finance.

In addition to Mirror Wallet for mobile, Mirror’s integration with WalletConnect enables users who have Terra Station mobile to access full Mirror functionality (including claiming weekly MIR airdrops) on mobile. As Mirror is in the last sprint towards launching Mirror V2, see the list of features that will be added to the new version.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the rest of the updates!

Mirror Milestones & Governance

  • Crypto.com & KuCoin Futures list MIR.
  • Coinbase lists ERC-20 MIR.
  • Binance launches MIR Staking for up to 34.79% APY.
  • mGLXY (mirrored Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd) lists on Mirror Protocol.
  • mDOGE proposal passes the initial whitelisting phase on Mirror.
  • mIAU and mVIXY were delisted on Mirror Protocol in light of the reverse splits of the underlying assets.
    Post-reverse split, both are back on Mirror; users can trade / minte / provide liquidity / stake LPs for each asset.

Ecosystem & Community Updates

  • WalletConnect integration deep linking the Mirror web app to Terra Station mobile allows users to claim MIR airdrops & access full Mirror functionality on mobile.
  • Ramp DeFi launches auto-compounding vaults for mAssets on BSC.
  • Kash App — using Mirror Protocol on the back end — launches for Africa.
  • PancakeSwap launches $mCOIN & $UST on the PancakeSwap Syrup Pool.
  • Beefy Finance launches the $mCOIN-$UST PancakeSwap LP vault.
  • NerveFinance supports $UST on its low-slippage AMM Pool on BSC, enabling swaps between stablecoins, UST, and mirrored assets.
  • Pickle Finance launches mirror farms, alongside an opportunity to win 20 limited edition Do Kwon x Elon Musk NFTs.
  • ApeBoard adds an impermanent loss calculator for Mirror.
  • $mCOIN live on BSC via PancakeSwap — users can trade & farm $COIN, while farmers can stake $CAKE to earn $UST
  • Analytics: Mirror Market Dashboard, DeFi Llama


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